7 Amazing Android Apps You Must Have in 2021

These are seven Android apps you must try. So without any further delay, let’s get right into the Article.

7. Movavi Clips

Movavi Clips is a free app, which will be a great helper if you’re looking for a way to quickly make a video. Just after importing your video, you can choose the aspect ratio you want.

And it even gives you the default ratio for Instagram posts and stories, which makes things a lot easier.

The UI is simple and intuitive as can be. And it also comes with a lot of functions, And those functions are also very easy to use.

I especially like the cutting feature where you just need to swipe down to cut and after you’ve cut it, you can add a transition which will make your video a lot better.

You can also add music to your videos using the music library, which by the way has a lot of copyright free music and sound effects.

But you can also add your own music from your library, Plus, you can also add filters that will add a lot to your overall video quality.

And finally, after you’ve done all the editing that’s required, just tap the icon on the top right, and then you can export it without hassles.

6. Access dots

Did you know that once you grant access to your phone’s camera or microphone to any third party app, they can use it silently in the background.

Well access dots here as the same iOS 14 style indicators where the pixels light up as dot at top right corner of your screen whenever any third party app uses your phone’s camera or microphone, and Access dots will also be visible in your lock screen.

So now you know when an apps is using your camera or mic and protect yourself from being spied on from apps.

5. Duplicates cleaner

As the name implies, this app helps you clean all the duplicate files, the images, audio or videos that’s taking up your phone storage.

It’s got a very simple to use user interface, and it’s a quite handy app to have.

4. Crello

Crello is a unique art creator, a designer and a marketing tool that helps you make great visual content. It will help you build a brilliant visual branding concept, create graphics and video to support your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

You can choose from various templates, choose the one that suits you and proceed with various design elements. The UI is very user friendly, and there are various options the app offers.

3. Abstruct

Abstruct is basically a wallpaper apps, As you can see here you get wallpapers categorized into various sections. And these are mostly abstract wallpapers but they are amazing. Select the one you would like and then you can directly apply it from the app itself.

2. Dolby on

This app basically enhances your audio while recording audio or videos from this app. It also analyzes the ambient noise and then starts the recording.

Once you are done, it auto processes the audio and the difference is massive. Same goes with video. So if you’re shooting videos or recording audio on your phone and don’t want the hassle of processing it, this is a must have app.

1. Dumbbells

As the name implies, this is a workout app. Since everyone is home these days to do a certain something happening, why not make yourself more productive and improve on your health?

Well, I have found this app which is very intuitive and well executed especially for beginners. First off, you can give in your details about you and your body type.

Then you can choose the workout type according to your preference, Then you can choose from bodyweight workouts, cardio weight training, etc.

And the app will guide you with the workout postures, timings and intervals. Give it a shot. It’s an amazing workout app. Well that was it for this Article. Guys

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