Examples Of Artificial Intelligence in [2021]

Hello There, in this article we will know about eight amazing examples of Artificial intelligence, And i hope you will like this article.

8. Siri

Most people don’t realize that there are several levels of Artificial intelligence, And an example of a lower tier AI is that of Siri.

The digital assistant to Apple device users, Technically speaking, Siri is a pseudo intelligence digital personal assistant, By that they mean that while she can interact with you, she personally doesn’t start conversations.

She is not an AI you can have a back and forth conversation with but that doesn’t mean that she can’t learn.




Siri has the ability to listen to how you talk, how you ask for things, what you ask for and more, and then tailor her results and actions to better fit your needs, even if you speak to her in another language.

Plus, as a personal assistant, Siri has the ability to go into the programs of your phone or iPad or other such Apple device in order to make sure that things get done, including putting reminders on your calendar, opening up an app playing music and more.

The more you interact and ask things from Siri the more adapted she becomes to you and your patterns, So will not a true AI in regards to learning on the go all the time, She does have the intelligence to grow thanks to her user.

How often do you use Siri or in my case, since I’m an Android user Bixby do they actually help you? Because in my case, it seems like it always pops up when I don’t need it and starts making voice to text that makes no sense or purposefully ignores me when I try to use it.

7. Hal 9000 

In the space odyssey book series by Arthur C. Clarke and later the movie 2001, A Space Odyssey directed by Stanley Kubrick, the antagonist of the story was not a human but rather a learning computer, the one named Hal 9000, but it didn’t start out that way.

Hal 9000 was actually built as part of a mission to Jupiter Saturn, depending on whether you’re reading the book or watching the first movie, and was designed to control the systems of the spaceship discovery one.

Along with that goal, it was allowed to speak and would often talk to the crew to understand what they were doing at times, House official abilities and the book and movie were

  • speech speech recognition
  • facial recognition
  • natural language processing
  • lip reading
  • art appreciation
  • interpreting emotional behaviors
  • automated reasoning¬†
  • playing chess

However represents one of many worst case scenarios when it comes to Artificial intelligence from the books and film how starts out as a perfectly capable AI.

But as time goes on certain faults in his programming emerge. Due to this the members of the discovery one crew in the first book and movie decide to shut down how to their misfortune how it doesn’t feel this is right, and pesticides to get rid of the crew so that it’s programmed objectives can be met.

This kind of broken thinking is what many fear in AI and yet before these malfunctions Hal is a perfect example of an AI that can help people on certain missions, and be an excellent tool as long as they perform correctly.

6. Alexa


Alexa is an AI device of a different nature for this is a device meant to help you in all aspects of your home life. Much like most phone assistance, all you have to do to get Alexa to do something is talk to her.

However, her range is what makes Alexa so valuable to many. a program like Siri is limited to what she has available in the device you have her on.

In contrast, Alexa is only limited by what you have in your house. She can turn off lights make calls for you actually make purchases online as long as you have the internet send notices to you when things need to be done and much much more.

Furthermore, as long as you give her the appropriate files, she can activate music read audiobooks to you via the narrator of the file, and even jump to a specific part of the audiobook if you need to get ahead.

Not to mention the range of Alexa in terms of how you can activate her is quite impressive. Many people know that you can be across a whole room and get her to do what you need with a simple shout versus other programs that have to have you be up close and personal to deliver commands as their hearing range is actually quite short.

Alexa is very much a home AI and is something that many are using in order to make their own lives easier, and many more are adapting her technology to grow her even more.

Do you guys have Alexa? How has your experience been? Let us all know in the comments below.

5. Tesla car

Tesla car


The company Tesla has been working hard to develop the Next generation of cars. And to that end, they have given their cars their own version of AI. To the extent that these cars can drive themselves.

They call this autopilot. You likely may have seen versions of this where a car can parallel park on its own in order to fit into a space we would take forever to back into.

Tesla’s taking that further though and their car is capable of driving to and from an area with a degree substance

Actually greater than a human can in terms of safety. Tesla reports they have eight surround cameras providing 360 degrees of visibility around the car and up to 250 meters of range.

12 updated ultrasonic sensors complement this vision allowing for detection of both Hard and Soft objects at nearly twice the difference of the prior system.

A forward facing radar with enhanced processing provides additional data about the world in a redundant wavelength that is able to see through heavy rain, fog, dust and even the car ahead.

Basically, the car uses its cameras and sensors to see the world around it, and then uses its intelligence in order to analyze and adjust to all scenarios.

This isn’t the only model to have such features. Other models have features that allow the car to sense when a car is too close.

And we’ll initialize the brakes before the driver so that no damage is done. Certain cars have a warning feature to let drivers know that they have a car in their blind spot. Does your car do this, all of this technology is slowly leading to a day when drivers won’t be required, the cars will do it all themselves.

4. Amazon.com

Online Shopping is a way of life in the modern world. But what makes amazon.com so special is that it actually senses and understands many of the things you buy, and then will give you ideas on what you should buy next.

This is referred to as a transactional AI. This is because it’s something that is understood and refined over time.

The more you buy, the more in tune, it will become to recommend things you’re more likely to buy that you may not have even known that you wanted

. For example, let’s say you buy a certain movie one that’s part of a very popular genre franchise. After it sees you buying that first item, it’ll likely recommend you get the rest of the series, then if you do get the rest of the series, it’ll understand that and then offer you similar movies and franchises that might pique your interest.

amazon.com is very much the number one online store in the US for a reason as people like seeing options given to them based on what they have bought before.

Plus the options, the prices and the shipping, Amazon is hard to beat.

3. Cortana

You might think I’m talking about the Microsoft phone AI that you can get or on your PC. But actually I’m talking about the inspiration for said app.

The Halo video game series is set in a very distant future. And in it soldiers of great ability are given the strength and skills to take on many hostile alien life forms, but they are also given AI at times to help deal with the problems even more.

Cortana is the AI that is given to the main character of most of the series Master Chief in terms of role Cortana is his helper and assistant giving tactical information to master chief while also helping him decode transmissions, hack enemy systems and more.

But like a true AI Cortana is able to learn grow and evolve which is shown via her interactions with Master Chief.

They make bets with one another Cortana often cracks jokes and shows a personality that is very reminiscent of a human which is appropriate as her core brain was actually modeled off of a real human doctor in the universe.

Many people today think that this could be a way to make a true AI Cortana was so popular in the Halo series that she got her intelligence transferred to a Microsoft app for people to enjoy in real life.

I would know this from experience though since I always lasted maybe about three seconds in Halo.

2. Pandora

Pandora is a rather unique music site and that it uses Artificial intelligence to help you find the next song that you need to listen to. To be clear, this isn’t a random selection.

The people behind Pandora have imbued their musical DNA into the AI to the extent that professional musicians actually work together to analyze just about every song out there in the world and then they break it down by 400 musical characteristics.

So after you select a song or two, the AI will analyze the songs you picked and select music of a similar style, flow substance and more.

Because of this in depth search, many have found new musicians that they’ve never heard of before and yet like their music because it’s very much what they like.

1. Skynet

in all facets of life. There is the worst case scenario and for Artificial intelligence. Most people fear that one day it will evolve into Skynet.

Skynet is a fictional AI that was created by James Cameron in his legendary film to Terminator as the films would explain, hopefully this is not a spoiler for you.

They say I was built to be the great helper to humanity, but instead it became its destroyer. It took over the world with its advanced intelligence and then subsequently made robotic soldiers to take out the rest of humanity and ensure that it would never be destroyed.

So many people see this as science fiction The truth is that Skynet is not only possible, it’s turning on us is not that far fetched to some people.

In the movie, the military built Skynet in order to take control over all digital aspects of the armed forces, including aircraft and the nuclear missiles that the country had.

Why? Because they believe that this Artificial intelligence would be able to not only read a situation better than a human could, it wouldn’t hesitate to respond or give the appropriate response when needed by taking

The emotions that people have in theory, everything would be better. Given the advancements in technology in order to keep human error in check. It’s very logical to believe that Skynet could be made in some form to assist the military.

As for how it turned in the films once they activated Skynet, it started learning at a rate that no one had predicted.

Because of this, they tried to shut Skynet down. Following its programming Skynet perceived all humans as a threat to its mission. Thus, it launched a nuclear attack that ended up wiping out most of humanity in a single day ,Judgment Day.

Again, Skynet is not a real AI. However, many fear that this could be the fate of humanity and have actually spoken out against having anything close to this being made.

For example, the late Stephen Hawking and Ilan Musk, thanks for watching. Let me know if you would like a part two in the comments below. There’s a lot more where this came from.

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