How to Learn Artificial intelligence in 2021

The world is moving towards Artificial intelligence, and every big company, they want their own Artificial intelligence system. And that’s where they will need a lot of Artificial intelligence professionals in future.

And then question arise, how will you become an Artificial intelligence professional? I get this question a lot on this platform about how to learn Artificial intelligence and from where to learn it, and what are the prerequisites. So here in this Article, we’ll talk about those questions.

Now, it doesn’t matter what you want to be in future, maybe you want to be an Artificial intelligence expert, you want to be a sports man, or you want to be a public speaker.

Now, in this case, you need to do you need to have certArtificial intelligencen things and the first thing you need is patience, you need a commitment, and you need time because without this, you cannot achieve anything, right?

In the same way, if you want to get into Artificial intelligence, of course, you need this thing not to be an Artificial intelligence expert, we have two questions. The first one is, what are the prerequisites to be an Artificial intelligence expert or Artificial intelligence professional? And the second one is for where to learn it?

What are the prerequisites to be an Artificial intelligence expert

How to Learn Artificial Intelligence in 2021

Now let’s answer the first question here, The first question is, what are the prerequisites. And of course, right when you want to do something, there is always something prerequisites,

For example, if you want to learn, let’s say you want to learn Android, there are prerequisites, like you have to know XML, you need to know Java, and other things,

Now, agArtificial intelligencen, people are coming from different background, let’s say you are not from it background you are from let’s say, some other tech, non technical fields, or maybe you’re in technical field, but not into computers, Now in this thing, you have a different prerequisite.

Programming language

So let me just lease down those prerequisite. And even if a technical person, you can just cut out those stuff, which you know, the first thing you need to know is some language or some basic language because of course, right if you know, if you are working on Artificial intelligence, ultimately, you’ll be building some systems, right?

You have to call to talk to computer, And that’s where you need to have a knowledge of a programming language.

Now it doesn’t matter which language and know at least you should know one language so that you know even if you know one language,

it will be easier for you to learn another language which maybe you can choose anyone later, Now languages like Java, C, c++, get to know languages.

Now if you know Java, of course, it is easier for you to learn other languages, right? Because one of the most difficult language if you know, it’s easy to learn other.

Now, by default, if you want to get into it, if you want to get into Artificial intelligence, the mostly used language, or what is a very famous language in Artificial intelligence world is Python.

Now for, for several reasons. First reason is there are a lot of libraries avArtificial intelligencelable for Python, we have a huge community for Python developers in Artificial intelligence field. And the third important is it is very easy to learn.

Trust me one, Python is one of the easiest language to learn, If you know Java, if you know C, you know you can learn Python very easily. So first, prerequisite is programming language.


The second one is maths, you need to have basic maths skill, of course, you know, this thing makes a lot of people think that they cannot do Artificial intelligence.

But see, you don’t have to be expert in this topic, But you know, politically, like basics is important example, basics of calculus of probability statistics, these are very important stuff.

example, if you are going for machine learning, if you’re going for maybe data science, you will be working with a lot of data you have to predict. And of course, when you want to predict something math are very important.

you don’t have to be expert in maths, you should be doing the basics. You can learn those things while you’re learning Artificial intelligence, maths concepts are important to you, So these are the two prerequisites we have.

How Much Time does it take to learn Artificial intelligence

How to Learn Artificial Intelligence in 2021

Now, the next question would be how much time does it take to learn Artificial intelligence? Maybe one year, two year or 10 years, Artificial intelligence will take some time to learn. You know, it’s not like other tech technology, which you can learn in one month or 10 days,

The thing is Artificial intelligence will take time because Artificial intelligence is not something which is very similar to other technologies, it’s very different because here you are understanding how human works. 

Because Artificial intelligence what is Artificial intelligence is trying to copy how we work. So as humans the way we behave, we are trying to put those things in computer.

So it takes it takes time, You know, because it’s been 4050 years now, the researchers they are still and trying to understand how our brArtificial intelligencen works.

So yes, it takes time. Now, how much time does it take now as person courses? I didn’t I did some research online. How much time does it take?

There are some courses which promise they will deliver in three months. But I don’t think you can complete you can work on Artificial intelligence after three months. It takes time. You know, maybe you can but on the basic stuff.

I would say maybe three months minimum to two years because in Artificial intelligence as well. We have different modules and all depends upon which module you select and whatever project you’re working on.

So I can say Yes, two years it will take or maybe three months, if you, if you can give a lot of time, you can invest maybe four hours or three hours, maybe per day, or maybe two hours a day and then at least 10 hours a week, then you can complete it in three months. I feel

like this also depends upon how good you are with logical thinking how good with your programming. So if you are a good programmer, if you have worked on, you know, complex systems before, maybe it will take less time.

But if you are new, a new industry, it will take more time, So it’s all depend upon your efforts.

Where to learn it

How to Learn Artificial Intelligence in 2021

Now the third question is on where to learn it, Artificial intelligence is something which should be learned from masters, it’s not something which you can learn from anywhere, you need to know you need to learn from those people who have worked on it,

Now there are some three beautiful websites, which I love. In fact, those are my favorite websites you can afford them. Let me just read these those three website one is EDX, Coursera, and Udacity.

Now, there are some other platforms where you will find various ways you can find better to do this, but I have not seen them.

So even if someone someone clArtificial intelligencems that their course is best, you can check it out. But I believe in these three platforms EDX, Coursera, and Udacity.

Most of the courses are free on this platform. And it’s better to learn free and then see if you can learn basics. After that what to learn, you can decide that maybe Okay, you’re ready to pay after that. But basic should be free. So you can learn all those things from this platform.

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