Information Technology In 2021 | What is Information Technology

In this article, We are going to learn what Information Technology is, To understand it better let us differentiate between data and information first.

What is Data Science?

it is raw and organized facts that need to be processed data can be something simple and seemingly random and useless until it is organized.

When data is processed, organized, structured, or presented in a given context, so as to make it useful, it is called information.

What is Information?

Information is any knowledge that comes to our attention, Methods for conveying information could be voice, image, text, or article.

Based on information informs you of something, it answers a specific question, it represents a specific truth or fact.

Data is the collection of recorded values from which information can be asserted. For example, consider the question what is your height?

data provides the basis for an answer to that question. If the data is six, and feet, the answer is my height is six feet. You must know what height and what feet are to process the data into information.

What is Information Technologies?

Information Technologies are systems of hardware and software that capture process, exchange, store, and present information using electrical, magnetic, and electromagnetic energy.

Here’s an example scenario with information technology. For capture, a cell phone captures the sound of a human voice and converts it into electrical signals.

To process the network equipment that means where to route the call for an exchange, and network routes call from origination to destination.

First store a voicemail system stores information for later use and a cell phone translates information from electrical signals to sound waves the recipient can understand.

Here’s another example with information technology

“capture” A web designer captures multimedia information in HTML format.

“process” A web server processes information like reservations or transactions.

“Exchange” Information is exchanged from the webserver over the Internet to a wireless access point and to a Wi-Fi enabled laptop.

“store” The web server stores information content, present information is conveyed to a user via a web browser on a laptop.

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