Machine Learning Roadmap 2021 | Step by Step Roadmap

Machine learning has been the top buzzwords in 2021, Machine learning can be an interesting career move for programmers, developers, and other professionals looking to shift their career.

Over the last few years, Machine learning and artificial intelligence together have become a crucial component in many of the world’s most popular business applications.

As we approach 2021, it’s a good time for us to take a look at the Machine learning roadmap for 2021.

We will discuss the basics of Machine learning and you will understand the skills required to become a Machine learning expert in 2021 and the salary of a Machine learning engineer.

What is Machine learning?

Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence that allows systems to learn from vast volumes of data.

It enables you to process analyze and train machines using data and create models to solve business problems.

Machine learning has the potential to learn from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

There are various supervised unsupervised and reinforcement learning algorithms used to build Machine learning models.

Some of the most popular Machine learning algorithms are

  • linear regression
  • logistic regression
  • Support vector machine
  • k nearest neighbors
  • k-means clustering
  • Naive Bayes

Some of the top companies hiring for Machine learning roles and Microsoft, Spotify, Google, and Walmart.

There are numerous product-based, service-based as well as startup companies that are hiring for Machine learning positions.

Important Skills to Become a Machine learning Expert

1. Programming Skill

Machine learning mostly depends on algorithms, which means one should possess sound knowledge of different programming languages such as Python and R.

You should have knowledge of basic programming concepts and understand data structures, This will help you write better and efficient codes.

You should also know about searching, sorting, and optimization algorithms.

2. Mathematics and statistics

The second skill you need to know is mathematics and statistics, Statistics is the backbone of data analytics, you should have knowledge of various measures such as mean, median, variance, etc.

Now, this is required for building and validating models from observed data, A basic understanding of high school mathematics will help you understand how Machine learning algorithms work.

The topics include probability, linear algebra, and calculus.

3. Database and SQL

The third skill you need to know is database and SQL, Very often, Machine learning tasks are carried out using data stored in the form of tables that are present in database servers.

So it’s important to know about databases and SQL, a good understanding of relational databases and no SQL databases such as MySQL, Postgres SQL, rattled database, Microsoft SQL Server is vital to store, manipulate, retrieve, and handle structured data.

4. Data wrangling

There’s a lot of pre-processing of data that is needed before you start building your Machine learning model, collecting the data, cleaning it, identifying the problems, asking the right questions, and formatting the data are crucial steps in Machine learning.

You should have knowledge of libraries and packages such as NumPy, pandas, and the idea to perform data wrangling.

5. Data visualization

While working on any Machine learning problem, it’s important to understand the data well, data visualization and exploratory data analysis skills are very important to show the hidden trends and insights in a visual form using various charts and graphs.

This will help you find out unseen patterns in the data, you need to have experience with matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly, it would be an advantage to know BI tools such as Tableau and Power BI.

6. Machine learning itself

You need to learn different Machine learning techniques and algorithms that are widely used to solve business problems, then implement the algorithms in Python and our libraries such as psychic learn, TensorFlow, carrot, and MLR.

Having knowledge of natural language processing, computer vision, and time series analysis would be a really good advantage.

To gain more experience in solving real-world problems, You need to work on small projects using a variety of data sets.

Data science and Machine learning challenges such as those on GitHub and Cagle are a great way to get exposed to different kinds of problems and advances.

Salary of a Machine learning Engineer

Now talking about the salary of a Machine learning engineer, According to Glassdoor. In the United States, a Machine learning engineer can earn around $114,000 per annum, while in India, you can earn 773,000 rupees per annum.

This salary may vary based on your experience, the industry you are applying for, and the company policy.


And with that, we have come to the end of this article on Machine learning roadmap 2021 I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, then please put them in the comment section.

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