9 Proven Ways to Make Money With Artificial intelligence

Hey guys, Welcome to Sefisoft and this is gonna be an amazing article after lots of research we created this article so as the title says How To Make Money With Artificial intelligence?

This article will cover the best application ideas for startups, which will help you take help you to make money in 2021, which are based on Artificial intelligence and Machine learning.

In a recent survey, 72% of leaders of business say that Artificial intelligence is going to the next oil in the future AI is going to be the most advanced technology as compared to others.

There are more than 1 billion active iOS operating devices used by people and more than 2 billion active devices which are based on Android This is a huge number and this number is growing rapidly.

Lots of oil-based application are coming out in the market daily but this mobile application development industry has become saturated,

nowadays need to integrate Artificial intelligence and Machine learning with a mobile application in the saturated market and keep more power to the mobile-based application.

1. Healthcare Industry

The first idea where you can use Artificial intelligence and Machine learning application development is healthcare.

In 2021 Artificial intelligence will play a major role in the healthcare industry, With the help of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning, we can analyze the patient’s Old record and help them to solve it better.

The AI-based application can be used as a decision-making tool that can predict the various problems of a patient based on his old record and suggesting better doctor consult or better medical treatment.

2. Service Application

 The second idea where you can make boil application in the field of AI and Machine learning is by making it service application data is growing rapidly and with growing data cyber attacks are becoming more common.

I think you have not forgotten the ransomware attack which happened recently. So how can you use Artificial intelligence and Machine learning in cybersecurity,

there is a great idea you can create an AI platform and mobile application for IT services and security for the various workload of a computing system,

with the help of proactive contextual modeling you can create a continuous feedback loop from a computer to a mobile application so that whenever any hacker is going to attack the database of some IT service, there will be a sudden notification on the Mobile application.

Apart from this, you can use Artificial intelligence-based on open source frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch which can be useful to automate data security at a higher level,

there are already companies who are working on this segment like LogRhythm is using top-end security to detect various fraud in the transaction.

3. AI-based E-commerce Application for Selling Products

The third idea with the help of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning where you can earn money is by using and creating AI-based e-commerce applications for selling products.

Recently AI and Machine learning have grown too much that they can predict your next shopping based on earlier shopping you have done with the help of AI and Machine learning e-commerce company or can associate the product with the right color, shape, size, and brand.

Some of the big company which is working on this segment on Alexa mobile application by Amazon is having an algorithm which can learn from various search which is done on it and it uses to predict the next recommendation based on the previous search.

In the same way, you can use the AI feature to make your e-commerce general application which can be used by others on their website to predict the next recommendation.

4. Creating Energy and cost-saving Application

The fourth idea where you can use AI and Machine learning is by creating energy and cost-saving application which is based on AI.

With this new technology of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning, electricity providers can optimize power generation efficiency and in the future, they can predict the unit consumption by the user and how to optimize them.

There is a mobile application called CodeGreen energy which is used by millions of people to save billions of dollars with its energy-efficient AI-enabled technology.

5. Storytelling mobile application

The idea is to create an AI-enabled storytelling mobile application if I will ask you a question. Do you like listening to stories or reading books trust me a lot of people will see listening to the story will be good as compared to reading books today?

People are having a busy schedule. They don’t have time to read and mostly they spend their time traveling during that time they might use it to listen to some songs or podcasts so I have a great idea on this field.

You can create an application where any person can come and copy-paste the link which they want to read.

And our mobile application will be trained in such a way that it can read any study like a professional storyteller, and We can also modify our application so that it can predict user reading habits based on what he is listening to.

6. AI-enabled Online Recruiting Automation Application

The sixth idea is to create an AI-enabled online recruiting automation application. Now Artificial intelligence becomes so powerful that it can easily work on the automation of the various processes of recruitment like screening, finding a candidate, and job matching.

This one is the best idea for making the Mobile application, I can focus on various other recruitment tasks and help in reducing the manual effort of recruitment by selecting the right candidate for the job.

Recruitment chatbot is the best AI-enabled recruitment tool that uses natural language to understand the text entered by the user.

One of the main features of a recruitment chatbot is to offer real-time communication to the candidate and to schedule an interview with the recruiter.

7. Artificial intelligence-Powered Smart Conversational Interface

 The seventh idea for the AI and Machine learning application is an Artificial intelligence-powered smart conversational interface.

This interactive interface where a human can interact with the AI in a will chatbot with which will respond to different questions asked by the person,

Big brands like Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are strongly focusing on building this you can also come with the AI smart conversational application.

8. AI-powered Market Prediction Mobile Applications

You can make money by developing an AI-powered market prediction Mobile applications lots of people are investing in the stock market, but they are investing based on people’s suggestions.

But if you know how to build an AI model, which can predict and give a solution whether to invest in the stock in the stock or not will make your application worthy.

The only thing you have to do is to train your model on the previous data of the stock market so that the next prediction can make.

9. Making AI-powered finance and accounting based mobile application

The ninth and the last idea for AI and Machine learning mobile application from where you can earn money is by making AI-powered finance and accounting based mobile application.

AI and Machine learning are affecting almost every industry and this FinTech and accounting are not different they are also affected by this boom of the 21st century.

today this industry is using AI or Machine learning to make their work easier by quick data entry.


So these are some of the ideas where you can work on and create an application and if you are reading this article till now, please share this article so that we can come up with more such articles in the future.

hope you guys have learned something new about how we can use Artificial intelligence and Machine learning to make money in 2021.

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