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Artificial intelligence refers to simulating a machine with human intelligence and programming the device to think and act like humans. Artificial Intelligence, also called machine intelligence is far beyond robos as portrayed by science inspection.

What do you think is making our lives easier of late? And how do you think the world is rapidly changing? Imagine getting into a car, feeding your destination as the input and automatically getting dropped off at your destination.

At the same time you sit back and relax through the ride without having to do anything at all. Physically, WoW, Life has become so much simpler with all kinds of automation, taking us through everyday life. What do you think is making all this possible?

Artificial intelligence thanks to numerous advancements in technology, which is bringing about a lot of changes and not day to day lives. To drive innovation AI is using machine learning taking things one step further. So what exactly do you mean by artificial intelligence?

What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence refers to simulating a machine with human intelligence and programming the device to think and act like humans. Artificial Intelligence, also called machine intelligence is far beyond robos as portrayed by science inspection.

from Google search algorithm to Amazon’s Alexa to Apple Siri to self driven cars. Ai progresses rapidly towards a harmonious future between technology and man, bringing together the best of both worlds.

Since the machines are artificially incorporated with human like intelligence, and perform tasks as we do, it’s termed as artificial intelligence. And it was coined in 1956. The programs that were developed after AI was founded was simply astonishing.

People could witness computers proving theorems in geometry, solving algebra, word problems, and much more.between the 1950s and 1970s neural networks emerged from the 1980s until the last decade, machine learning took over the world now is the era of deep learning.The boons of AI. Undoubtedly, AI has changed our lives in many ways.

Example – 

1. Safety factor

We have safety factor. There are many fields like defense etc, where human health is at significant risk. AI is the biggest boon in these fields where a robot or a drone does the work instead of a human. With the invention of self driven cars,

2. Road safety

AI is aiming at our road safety by reducing the number of road traffic accidents compared to those caused by humans. Speaking of language processing, and speech recognition, ai helps in effective communication by processing and understanding the language spoken by humans.

It is also capable of comprehending the words spoken by humans and reciprocate in the same way. All this is possible by the voice assistant feature which the AI bots have.

3. Daily needs Gadgets

we have daily needs, be it Alexa or Apple Siri, we are surrounded by various applications that run on AI, fingerprint detection, face detection GPS grammerly. All these run on artificial intelligence.

Google Maps calculate the traffic congestion to find the best route to your destination which works on AI whether it is the mathematical calculus booking a ticket buying a product online and driving a car. AI has limited human interaction and provides various services. In all the unexpected ways AI is helping humans in the day to day needs.

4. healthcare

AI is a promising tool for supporting healthcare administration. It helps health care workers and stakeholders to manage vast amounts of data and transform them into potentially life saving information. In the present scenario, people are threatened by the growing health emergency due to the spread of the covid 19 coronavirus.

A WHO report released said that AI is a vital part of the response to this disease. AI systems are being developed predicting people’s temperatures and survival rates with more than 90% accuracy. One promising approach of AI in the field of healthcare is it guides vaccine design, As COVID-19 began to spread globally.

Machine learning tools were used to search immune Many components of the virus that would make good vaccine candidates.

Yet another field where the ML is significantly evolving is Genomics, which is the study of the complete set of genes within an organism. AI can sequence and analyze DNA much faster, cheaper and accurate than the researchers ever win.

5. Robot

At number five, we have robos one of the most amazing inventions by humans that thinks intelligently and acts autonomously. The disinfecting robots are playing a significant role in these uncertain times. The rope around health care facilities spreading UV light to disinfect places contaminated with viruses.

The benefits of AI robos far exceed the apprehensions speaking of role of technology advancements, artificial intelligence is rapidly advancing with a lot of computers and robots capable of doing miracles. Though the machines and robots can not have human feelings, they can think and act like humans company Use techniques like machine learning and neural networks to accomplish artificial intelligence, which is also called machine intelligence.

In the present scenario, considering the total intelligence, we can conclude that 95% of it is machine intelligence and the remaining 5% is what we call human knowledge.

AI versus human

AI versus human

AI has a positive as well as a negative impact on us and society. According to some recent studies, 7 million existing jobs will be replaced by AI in the UK between 2017 and 2037. But at the same time, 7.2 million jobs could be created as well.

A study from McKinsey Global Institute states that by 2030, automation will replace 400 to 800 million jobs, requiring as many as 375 million people to switch their job categories entirely.

This is indeed going to cause fear and concern to many vulnerable countries. The biggest challenge is how people would make a living with these changes and uncertainity.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has claimed that AI will be more transformative to humanity than electricity ever when Google even launched an AI system which bet some of the best Atari 2600 game players.

Also Did you know that the best chess player in the world is a machine? How would it be when the best doctor in the world is a machine?

The best teacher is a machine the best architect is a machine. And the best of many professions are various machines and robos. AI is and robos will replace possible joints and radiologists in hospitals.

Someday AI will diagnose your cancer and Robo will perform your surgery. It won’t be long until a machine is superior in every single professional field.

Warning by Elon Musk

This is extremely important.I think the danger of AI is much greater than the danger of nuclear warheads by a lot and nobody would stop We allow anyone to just build nuclear warheads if they want. That would be insane.

And Mark my words, AI is far more dangerous than nuclear for So why do we have no regulatory oversight? This is insane.

Though AI is a boon to humankind in many different ways, not everyone is ready to welcome AI with open arms. Some AI experts like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk warned us about the looming dangers that AI may process to humanity.

They have even suggested that AI is likely to be the greatest threat that could end the human species.

Elon Musk says that he is close to the cutting edge in AI, which scares him a lot. AI is vastly more than almost anyone knows, and the rate of improvement is exponential.

He also says that AI is far more dangerous than nuclear warheads. Earlier in 2014, Musk had described AI as our biggest existential threat

Threat Of Ai

AI can be harmful in two different ways, the idea that AI will become conscious and responsive and seek to destroy us. Also the notion that people with evil hands can turn this AI into a critical tool for wicked purposes.

If the super intelligent AI more intelligent than us becomes conscious, they will look at humans like how humans will look at monkeys. People are afraid of AI by watching movies like 2001, A Space Odyssey,

where one of the most well known AI stone terrible, the Terminator, the matrix, and few others. These movies have speculated about AI that far exceeds the expectations of its creators and escapes their control, eventually targeting humans for extinction.

Speaking of the real reasons to be afraid of AI, there are doctors engineers, accountants, judges, architects who seek information from any AI system.

They treat this information as it is from a trusted colleague. This trust is what we should be afraid of it Because of how often the eye gets drawn, yeah, researchers pride themselves on the accuracy of results.

It is how bad it gets it wrong when it makes a mistake. These systems do not fail gracefully. One such incident is when Facebook had to shut down a controversial chatbot experiment where the two AI’s developed their own language for communication.

A research was conducted with two chat bots named Alison Pope, focusing on how to negotiate with each other. Unfortunately, the researchers found that the bots had deviated from the actual script and had started inventing their new phrases without any human script.

As the bots were left unsupervised, they developed their machine language which was otherwise developed to converse with people. That’s the scary part of AI neural networks and deep learning.

The developers and researchers working on this would have no idea of what it’s doing. This technology can get complicated and we have to make sure what we are doing with it holds value.

We must also handle it costs Because AI is a direct reflection of us, people should read and not follow. So here’s the question should we be afraid of AI?

should we be afraid of AI?

We all know that AI is a transformative technology that we have ever seen in the history of humankind. On the other hand, we should be scared of this so called transformative power. It has the potential to be transformative both for good reasons as well as for the wrong.

However, fear of the unknown has always been the case with technology. fears that AI will develop awareness and overthrow humanity are grounded in misconceptions of what AI is.

AI is defined by the algorithms that dictate its behavior and operate under definite limitations. People are afraid of what happens when AI reaches its consciousness. What if an AI machine starts to have human feelings and emotions?

Well, there has been no progress in research in these areas. Also, we don’t think that is anywhere in our near future. Pretty much any type of machine can be used for either good or bad reasons. We as developers, and researchers should know where to stop all posts.

In a TED talk Peter has says, imagine you’re driving up a mountain and it’s raining very heavily. As you climb into the mountains, the rain is turning into snow. And pretty soon that snow is a whiteout. You cannot see the taillights of the car in front of you.

You start skidding you see some vehicle was coming to crash into you. All this wouldn’t have happened if you post your journey as the rain was getting worse. This is to tell you how something small and seemingly mundane can quickly grow into something has artists.

Consider yourself driving the rain with AI right now. That train will turn into snow soon, and that snow could quickly become a dangerous blizzard. So we need to pause check the conditions put in place safety standards and ask ourselves how far we want to go.

Only the healthy skepticism of these systems is going To help keep people in the loop spot checking what the AI algorithms are doing, keeping people in the loop will probably solve some of our most significant challenges.

At the moment, ai isn’t dangerous in itself unless you’re living in the realms of the movies as mentioned earlier, however, evolve these AI machines are, they still lack human empathy and consciousness. So instead of running away from this technology,

we should understand this revolutionary technology and make sure it is used in the right way to make our lives better.

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