Top 5 App Development colleges in 2021

Welcome to top five App development colleges. There’s an App for everything these days whether it’s bleeding edge tool for tracking stop trends to a farming simulator.

Apps for mobile devices have become a dominating force in today’s technology market. There are an unlimited number of App specific ideas that will provide potential millions in revenue to their authors and companies.

5. University of California Berkeley

UC Berkeley takes our number five spot, Berkeley offers an Application development program for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch through the UC Berkeley Extension, the continuing education branch of the school.

UC Berkeley also offers courses in Android development through their extension as well. Students will be given fundamental tools to develop their Apps from a simple idea on through distribution,

4. Carnegie Mellon University,

they have recently begun offering an online course titled developing iPad Applications for visualization and insight. Better yet, the class material is offered free through iTunes you with course material presented by professional industry, iOS developers, you can get a taste for what Carnegie Mellon provides in their courses.

Carnegie Mellon is always on the cutting edge of technology, education and their App development programs are no different.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is teaching budding digital artists through the App inventor, this is a programming tool for anyone at any level of technological understanding.

This tool is specifically geared towards Android devices, the core principles at play will translate well for anyone looking to get into App development.

A couple this with MIT’s classroom offerings, and you have a winning combination to help you break into the App development industry.

4. University of Southern California

USC offers a hands on program where students will work with the technologies, tools, frameworks and languages that are most commonly used in developing mobile Applications for Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Microsoft Windows Mobile and other mobile systems.

Designing user interfaces networks host infrastructure, implementing security, and learning the fundamental principles on which these subjects are based will prepare students for new technologies that are under continuous development.

1. Stanford University

topping off our list is Stanford University, offering another free course online specifically for developing Apps for Apple titled developing Apps for iPhone and iPad.

Stanford lets you try out their offerings much like MIT, Whenever Apple develops a new version of iOS, Stanford stays current with that version.

Stanford’s course includes peer collaboration so you can learn alongside other mobile developers from around the world. Many students from Stanford’s course have developed Apps that are available in the Apple App Store.

There is no end in sight for this exploding industry, For those with the skills and discipline to design that next great mobile Application or platform.


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