What is Natural Language Processing [2021]

In this particular Article, I’m going to talk about Natural language processing ( NLP) right? AgArtificial Intelligencen, probably have seen multiple articles on what is NLP, how it exactly works.

But I’m just going to give you a brief overview of what is NLP.

What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural Language Processing is basically any sort of automatic processing that you use on language domain can broadly be classified as Natural Language Processing.

That could include your rule based systems where you’re trying to identify if what are the different parts of the world, if there’s a long sentence, and then you’re looking at each word and identifying what part of speech that is,

That could be something that could be machine learning based, it could be rule based, or whateverit is, but it’s still something that you call as NLP.

But apart from those very small applications of rule based system, we have a broad domArtificial Intelligencen of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence applications for language.

And that could be for example, a classification task where you’re looking at sentences and trying to understand if there’s a positive or a negative sentiment, or if this is something that is useful for the for a stock or not.

So a lot of those kind of classification does where you’re trying to categorize a particular paragraph or a portion of text.

If for example, you could be looking at a text and trying to identify which author it belongs to. So those are very interesting applications of Artificial Intelligence.

If you’re talking about classification tasks, apart from classification tasks, there is also something called character recognition and character prediction tasks, which is something that is useful for language translation.

So if you have something in German, and you want to translate in say something in Japanese, right, so those sort of tasks also requires something called sequence to sequence modeling, which is very much an integral part of NLP right?

And if you are, for example, trying to write Ramayana in telugu, right, for example, those are for example, very interesting applications of NLP where you’re just using the language domArtificial Intelligencen itself to kind of do very interesting problems.

So broadly, those are the very interesting applications of NLP that I would normally think that exist currently.

In any way, if you’re working on text data, right? It could be predicting, for example, grammatical mistakes or whatever it is.

I think Natural language processing is something that offers a wide range of abilities specifically with the applications of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in them.

So definitely keep a lookout for NLP and try and learn more . If you have any other questions about what NLP is, are probably you know, you don’t understand all the bits about it, please write in the comment section below. We’ll be happy to answer.

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