5 Most Trending Jobs In America | Earn over $200,000

The top skills which I have discussed today are listed in the shortage of occupational list, which means you get don’t have enough people to fill all these roles, which are specialized roles, and hence, it’s called shortage of occupational list.

So the hiring companies are willing to sponsor visas if you have the right skill set advertised in the job and fulfill their criteria.

And it means you can apply for this job from any country. And to write this article I did enough research on the trending jobs in America.

1. Programmers and Software Development Professional

Programmers And Software Development Professionals who are also known as web design and development professionals.

There was always demand technical people in America and other overseas countries. And there will always be in the future as well.

So if you’re a developer, you have high chances to get American visa sponsorship either through the multinational companies or directly applying to the companies in America.

The average base salary for programmers in America is 38k per year. And now let’s discuss two ways to get jobs in America. So the first option is to work with any multinational companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, and the list goes on and on.

work on projects where you have American clients, find out which skill is in demand, spend time to learn it, and get certified in that area.

And after some experience, your company itself will put your name forward to transfer you from India to America.

The second option is simply to find jobs, Google Visa Sponsorship Jobs and America, say for Java developer or any language you use like pattern or c++.

Once you find the name of the company which had advertised for the vacant job, you must validate the name from the American government side.

2. Cyber Security Specialist

They are someone who is responsible to protect systems from Cyber Security risks and threats. They work on it teams that are dedicated to protecting the integrity of the business network and data.

Now, two of the most highly regarded certifications for Cyber Security leaders and practitioners are Certified Information Security Manager, and CISSP, which stands for Certified Information Systems Security professional and it’s a perfect time to be a CISSM or CISSP certified or have any cybersecurity certification.

According to Gartner, the unemployment rate for cybersecurity professionals is zero. In fact, there are more jobs than qualified candidates.

And the job postings stay open for a very very long time.

3. Engineers

Engineering jobs like Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Electronics design and development engineers production Add processing genius.

You can work with big companies and try to move to America through your company, or simply google civil engineering jobs in America with visa sponsorship and validate the name of the company.

4. Doctors And Nurses

If you’re working in the medical field you have a high chance of getting a visa as there’s a huge shortage of medical staff.

So today I’m covering Nursing and Doctor jobs as an example, for nursing graduation is a must BSC in nursing decks for years program, interviews can be scheduled through any of your local agencies in terms of visa sponsorship.

So once you pass the interview and you are selected enrichers will apply for your certified sponsorship which is called COS at their own cost and they will share it with you.

Visa will be issued initially for two to three years and after that, you can extend it after five years you can apply for indefinite leave to remain which is called ILR.

5. Research Scholars

Research scholars simply means scholars who are working in research in a specific field and getting siphon it does not necessarily mean that they should be registered in Ph.D.

If an MTech student who is working on a research project as part of the curriculum, then he will not be a research scholar.

However, if he completes his MTech and joins the lab at any university full time then he’ll be known as the research scholar, they may even categorize as scientists in some reputed University.

So now it’s time for some bonus point. So for freshers, if you are fresh from college and want to start your career in it, I will suggest learning coding and big language as per your interest.

Some of the top programming languages you should learn based on your desired jobs. If you want to be a web developer, then I will recommend you to learn Python especially Django, Java, and JavaScript.


If you want to become a Mobile App Developer, then learn Swift for iOS development and kotlin for Android.

If you want to get into Machine learning and Artificial intelligence or data science, then you should learn Python or c++.

If you want to get into Desktop App Development, you should learn c++. If you want to become a video game developer then you should learn c++ or Java.

 I hope this list was useful. Now, join multinational companies that got branches all over the world like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, l&t, JP Morgan, and the list goes on and on.

So that brings me to the end of the video and I’m sure you have learned what skills are needed to work in America.

If your professional background is different from what I have covered today. Drop me the name of your stream and I’ll try to cover topics from your area in future articles.


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