Data Science Job in 2021: Highest paying data science job

 Data science has become a critical part of the day-to-day operations of businesses large and small. It is employed in product marketing, engineering, sales, and many more departments to make crucial decisions.

As a result, we see many people flashing their Data Science Job Title, and some striving to become a part of this crew.

So here we’re going to move on to the top 10 Data science jobs that we will be discussing today.

1. Data Engineer

Data Engineers are responsible for finding trends in Data sets and developing algorithms to help make raw Data more useful to the enterprise.

This role requires a significant set of technical skills including a deep knowledge of Database design and multiple programming languages.

They are basically responsible for creating a blueprint of development, testing, and maintaining algorithms to deal with raw, unstructured, and structured data.

The responsibilities include Data lake creation, ETL, and cleansing, creating pipelines to process very high volumes of Data, and introducing new tools and technologies for performance tuning of programs.

2. Data Architect

A Data Architect is basically a practitioner of Data architecture, Data management discipline, and concerned with designing, creating, deploying, and managing an organization’s Database.

A Data architect helps define the end-use of a Database and then creates a blueprint for developing and maintaining it.

They build complex computer Database systems that are accessible, useful, and secure. They design the plumbing of Data flows into and out of a Data lake and understand the micro and macro level of Data consumption, along with business requirements.

As a Data architect, you need to be aware of multiple platforms and multiple technologies, applied math and statistics, Data visualization, and migration. relational Database management systems or foundational Database skills, and cloud computing are a few of the skills expected out of a Data architect.

3. Data Scientist

Data science is somebody who cracks complex business problems. Through insights, they derive from Data. They work with several elements related to math, statistics, computer science, machine learning, and deep learning algorithms, and identify patterns and theories of the market and from inside the business, the organization to come to the aptest decision for the current scenario.

They perform Data analysis and Data mining statistical methods to Analyze Data. They use descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive models to unlock insights and transform data to bring value to the business.

It’s one of the highest paying jobs and has been for a while now. And hence, this job had to be on our list.

4. Data Operation

Data operation is an HR approach to designing, implementing, and maintaining a distributed data architecture that will support a wide range of open-source tools and frameworks in production. The goal of Data operation is to create business value from Big Data.

So what does a Data Operations Manager do? So somebody on the Data operations team or a Data operations specialist is required to participate in the development and deployment of new processes to help enforce standards of Data integrity in business applications,

They basically ensure that Data meets quality standards and routinely work with customers handling their requests, and customizing their predictive platform.

They work with cloud and Data infrastructure Data pipeline system administration and reliability.

5. Business Analyst

A Business Analyst is a person who analyzes an organization or business domain and documents, its business processes, or systems. Assessing the business model or its integration with technology, a business analyst helps in guiding businesses and improving the processes products, services, and software, Through Data analysis.

They help make Data-driven decisions. they analyze insights from large and diverse Data points and convey huge numbers to their stakeholders on a weekly, monthly, seasonal, or on-demand basis.

Some top skills you will need to flourish in this career would be Data analytics, problem-solving, industry-specific knowledge, advanced vision and attention to detail a really strong business acumen, and proficiency in a number of business intelligence tools such as Power BI, tableau,  and so on.

6. Data Analyst

Data analysis is the process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, and informing conclusions to support decision making.

They basically form the bridge between technology and business. Again, they require a really strong business acumen to understand business needs and what With Data architects and engineers to design Data systems,

they create pilots and proof of concepts and work with business users, stakeholders, and conduct workshops in their organization to give business teams and Data teams a better understanding of what the business needs.

7. Data Visualization Designers

Now this job as easy as it sounds, is extremely hard, as the specialists have to deliver really complex and useful Data in the most appealing ways to actual users and stakeholders.

Data visualization is about presenting large amounts of information in ways that are universally understandable or easy to approach interpret and spot patterns, trends, and correlations from.

They developed static and dynamic Data visualizations dashboards, focusing on user journey, and provide aid to stakeholders in their Data-driven decision making by helping them visualize various types of Data and the basic storytellers in the world of Data Science,

8. Data specialists

As the name suggests, the basically Data specialists on a certain domain such as ad technology, insurance, financial tech, retail, e-commerce, so on and so forth.

They have a deep specialization of that particular domain. They know how the market and the competition works and hence are crucial in dealing with internal and external stakeholders.

And one of the critical prerequisites, in this case, is domain expertise. generally, defined domain expertise implies extensive knowledge and understanding of essential aspects of a specific field of inquiry.

You also need to possess extreme confidence in your abilities and knowledge of the domain. Again, because you have to convince all the big CEOs and CFOs and CXO position people to take your opinion for their decision-making process.

Now, they form a very important part of any Data team. They are the ones with the experience of extracting data from a specific market, and hence they have a deeper knowledge of Data-driven decision making in a particular industry that they’re working in.

This is also a natural progression, a lot of Data Scientists and Data analysts say along with their career, and hence, this is a really highly paid job role.

9. Data Product Manager

Data Product Manager is to balance strategy, governance, and implementation of anything Data related and facilitate the conversations between all impacted stakeholders, executive engineers, analysts, and other product teams.

Along with external customers who consume the Data. They build a product roadmap, which is consumer-focused, and take care that deadlines are met.

They understand the role of Data in a customer journey from a customer’s perspective and direct the AI or ml enable product engineering to make sure the customer or the stakeholder get their product in time.

The Data Product Manager is responsible for both research planning and product marketing, understanding customer or stakeholder requirements, and defining the product vision.

Working closely with the engineering team to deliver winning products basically encompasses everything that the Data Product Manager essentially does.

1.  AI and Ml Specialist

As the name suggests, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning specialist is an umbrella term, which encompasses many different sub-disciplines in the field, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, prediction, algorithms, and models, so on and so forth.

In simple words, these specialists program machines to think like humans have the machine learning model end to end from Data collection to model building to monitoring the model in production and work along with product managers and domain experts, to own the business outcomes and metrics versus the Data science or machine learning model or algorithm drives and define the best practices for the team.

They define prototypes and implement machine learning models and algorithms to create the best product that they can for the organization to thrive, keeping in mind the business requirements of the consumer as well as the organization.

Apart from that, upgrades, tuning, and maintenance of their models is also something that comes in their work scope.

With that, I come to the end of my list of the Top 10 Data science jobs, which are going to completely reshape the future.

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