Tech Jobs In 2021: Highest paying tech jobs

 Today we’re gonna be talking about the top seven Tech Jobs In 2021: Highest paying tech jobs, And of course, this is my personal opinion,

And according to my opinion for this job you don’t need any certification to get a job in this field because there are a lot of company who don’t demand certificate, But you must have knowledge of that field

1. Machine Learning, And AI

Tech Jobs In 2021: Highest paying tech jobs

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are very big right now, These are big things right now. And the reason why is, because everything is moving towards automation, taking that data, and using those large data sets, to be able to have the machines learn from them, and create these different models.

So of course, this is going to be a little bit more of one of the more complex fields to go into more challenging ones, because it does take a lot of experience in software, developing software engineering, so I definitely would recommend a degree in this one.

And also maybe even minor in Mathematics, because it takes some complex algorithms and a lot of the cases when you come to Machine Learning, but the jobs, the demand is very high, within Machine Learning, there’s a lot of growth.

And, you know, as we looking forward to the future, I can see this as one of those positions that, you know, the demand just gets even higher.

So I definitely recommend Machine Learning as number one.

2. Software Development

Software engineer

Of course, software engineering had to be on this list. And I’m putting it number two. And within this, I’m putting everything in there. So

  • Web development
  • App development
  • Back end
  • Front end

all of that within software engineering, I’m putting it all in one bubble. Even though Machine Learning AI should technically be in there.

Because you know, you still have to know programming languages, Python, C sharp, c++, and that’s from Machine Learning.

But you know what software engineering there, you can use almost any language, I just feel like software engineering isn’t going anywhere.

Of course, they’re saying that’s the position, that’s going to start replacing all the jobs, taking people’s responsibilities.

But software engineering is getting to a place where you don’t even need to know how to code have things like Microsoft Power Apps, that allows you to create automation without even learning to code.

And that’s the direction I feel like things are moving in, where you have these more modulated steps of programming rather than having to just know a programming language and coding it.

So software engineers are replacing themselves. But for the time being a software engineer has a lot of growth, there’s a lot of positions right now a lot of demand, the pay is still really high.

Right now, I believe they’re ranging from like 55K, all the way up to 200k on average. So it’s definitely one of those fields. And you don’t need to go to school to be in this position, you can go to a boot camp, you can self teach yourself.

I’ve seen a lot of different success stories, not only on YouTube but even in the actual field. I know a lot of software developers that taught themselves and some that actually just went to a three-week boot camp or a three-month boot camp.

So that’s one of the other ones I recommend software engineering.

3. Cloud Engineering

Cloud Engineering

Being a cloud engineer, it may be kind of still in that new phase. But there’s lots of potential of growth within that everything is moving to the cloud, even a new startup company can have a full infrastructure without having to put in that full investment that you know would have taken in the old days.

So now you have AWS, you have Azure, you have Google. So in learning, choosing which one to learn as long as you learn one of them, you can kind of get that concept is kind of like programming languages, but of course, it’s going to be different, because it’s a completely different organization that runs them.

AWS right now is number one, Azure is a close number two, can I say close? It definitely is still large, because again, it’s under Microsoft, and that anybody who’s in their Microsoft ecosystem, most of those organizations are using Azure.

So don’t sleep on Azure, but overall cloud engineering, cloud computing, cloud networking, that is a big field right now.

The pay is high also from that same 55K to maybe 150K is what I’ve been seeing, and there’s I feel like it’s one of those positions, that’s definitely going to continue to grow, especially as more features are being added to the stack is going to be a great field to go into, So that’s why cloud engineering comes in at number three.

4. Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber Security analysts engineers, this is a great field to be in, And as you can see, the threat landscape is constantly growing lots of new threat actors, which is not a positive thing.

But there’s just so many things going on in the digital realm that is causing a need or a demand for more professionals, more Cyber Security professionals, whether it’s hardening on the system level on the network level, maybe even application security, there’s just so many positions, so much growth, and the growth is slowing.

But I feel like the demand is still pretty high. And it’s going to be high, of course, software developers can come up with a tool that may replace the need for a lot of the things that Cyber Security professionals do.

But they can do that with a lot of the other positions as well. But for the time being with the amount of really smart people out there, there’s just going to be always new things coming up.

And always new things to defend against. So that’s why Cyber Security is number four. And when it comes to education, you don’t technically need a degree, but I definitely at the bare minimum, say you should have some experience.

So I have a lot of experience at the system level at the network level. So if you’re going to become a network security engineer, just be familiar with networking, be familiar with systems, again, if you were within system security applications, if your application security, so you don’t, it doesn’t require a school or degree.

But training and experience are would definitely help and will put you in the right spot to possibly even secure a position coming in.

 5. DevOps engineer

DevOps engineer

Everybody’s talking DevOps DevOps, which is very similar to cloud computing, because the, sometimes it’s interchangeable. So it’s possible that this should have been number three.

But DevOps engineers they kind of are that bridge between ops and development, as you can hear in the name.

But what they mostly do, they work with different automation tools, or they even build automation themselves. So the lot, knowing some scripting languages or programming languages will definitely be beneficial.

But also knowing cloud technologies is very important, knowing how to work with them. And even knowing different automation and configuration tools deployment tools.

So octopus, deploy Jenkins, Chef puppet, there are just so many tools out there new tools coming every day. And that’s why demand is always growing.

And so the demand for this one, I see it continuing to rise. This one is another one of those things that may not require a degree but does require a lot of experience. training can definitely get you up to speed.

 6. Technical Sales Engineer

Technical Sales Engineer

Technical sales, Representative analysts, whatever you want to call them, technical sales is a very fun position is always in demand because any organization needs sales reps, they need people who are going to go out there to sell their products, and they get to travel, they get to eat, they get to go away clients.

And I mean it just depends on what you want to do, depending on how free you are, how free your lifestyle is. a technical sales position is amazing,  is very fun.

 It is a very exciting position to have and it is very rewarding based on the pay. Of course, it depends on who you work for and how well you are performing.

They do have a lot of technical knowledge. So it may require some experience. But again, training and being a good salesperson is going to be key within a position like that and just having that will having that being a very personable person, outgoing person, the person loves to converse loves to meet new people, and just someone who can talk on things very well.

And with that, you could hop into one of these tech sales positions. And I feel like you’d be very happy. And it’s just one of the ones that I feel like it’s completely winning.

7. Project management

This is a position that I feel like has a lot of growth because as different organizations are sourcing their own software development, product development, they’re going to need people to manage those projects, manage those products, and who best to manage it, with the growth of software engineering and software development, even Machine Learning AI.

I feel like there’s going to be a lot of growth within project management and product management just within it round training and experience is going to be good but just also being a subject matter expert knowing different technologies that are going to benefit you when it comes to being a project manager within it.


So that was my list of Top tech jobs in 2021, if you like any tech job then you can master in that tech field, and such as I already said for this tech job you don’t need any certificate but you must have knowledge of that field.

suppose you wanna go into the tech field which is machine learning so you need to know everything about Machine learning, tech industry is growing industry day by day.

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