8 Books To Learn Programming in 2021

If you’re a coder, You should also be a good reader, Reading develops your mind and the mind is your weapon, A programmer should read and understand the question or problem before starting the code.

Reading skills are equally crucial for a coder, In this article, we bring a list of eight best books for programmers, with each book having different types of content.

You might wonder how do you learn to program from books? Well, books on coding or computer science can be as fun as a course you take.

The best types of programming books did not just tell you how, but explain the why behind it. So here are some of the books every programmer should read.

Note that the list of books is in no particular order, So the first book is

1. Code Complete Book by Steve McConnell

Steve McConnell is a famous author of multiple software engineering textbooks and is cited as an expert in software engineering and project management.

Published in the year 1993, His book Code Complete is a software development book that provides the most useful practical guides of programming.

It is fully updated with revised leading edge coding concepts and examples, This book is a massive piece of literature, with each chapter packed with techniques and suggestions to improve everyday programming.

Overall, this book will help you understand the art of the science of software construction.

2. The Pragmatic Programmer Book by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas

Andy Hunt is a writer of books on software development, In contrast, Dave Thomas is a computer programmer also an editor, together they have authored this book, which is about computer programming and software engineering.

The pragmatic programmer was published in the year 1999, It is a collection of lessons and recommendations for software developers.

It does not present a systematic theory, but rather a collection of tips on how you can pragmatically improve the development process.

The book presents development methodologies, analogies, it covers various topics ranging from personal responsibility and career development to architectural techniques for keeping your code flexible and easy to adapt.

3. Clean Code Book by Robert Cecil Martin

Robert C. Martin is colloquially called Uncle Bob is an American software engineer, instructor, and the best selling author who is most recognized for developing many software design principles.

This book was published in August 2008 and is a fantastic book that emphasizes writing the code clean, This book states that even bad code can function.

This book is divided into three parts, It divides into principles and best practices of writing clean code, and presents increasingly challenging case studies that challenge the readers to think about what is right with the code and what is wrong.

The third part is the payoff that contains the list of heuristics To sum it up. If you are having an interest in producing better code, this book is a must for you.

4. Programming Pearls Book by Jon Bentley

Jon Bentley is an American computer scientist who has earned a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of North Carolina, His book programming purse was published in the year 1986.

This book is a bit different from other books on the list, It is delightful to read as the writing style is simply outstanding.

The concepts in the book are covered with practical problems and effective solutions, It challenges your understanding of core concepts and CPU, memory, and algorithms.

This book may not be an ordinary book of new programming concepts, but it is the best practical programming book to practice and follow with clean-cut examples.

Overall, it is the best book to practice problems of data structures and algorithms.

5. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs Textbook by Hal Abelson

This is a computer science textbook by MIT professors Hal Alderson and Gerald J. Sussman, along with Julie Sussman, initially published in the year 1979.

This is one of the best books to learn the fundamental programming principles, including recursion modularity, abstraction, and programming language design and implementation.

It offers a solid Programming foundation and deals with functional programming, This book was formally used as a textbook for MIT’s introductory course in electrical engineering and computer science.

It is a general programming book that uses a scheme to illustrate the various programming concepts.

6. The Clean Coder: Book by Robert Cecil Martin

Here’s yet another fantastic book by Robert C. Martin published in the year 2011, This book covers the practices, techniques, and tools for true software craftsmanship.

It helps you build the attitude of a skilled professional programmer, This book is packed with practical advice about everything from estimating and coding to refactoring and testing.

Through this book, Martin showed how to approach software development with honor self-respect, and pride.

You will learn many other aspects of being a professional programmer via this book.

7. Zero Bugs and Program Faster Book by Kate Thompson

Kate Thompson is a British Irish writer who is best known for children’s novels, When it comes to coding, she spent two years researching every bug avoidance technique she could ever find.

Her book zero bucks and program faster, contains the best of them published in the year 2015, This book talks about programming, improving skills, and avoiding mistakes.

This book helps you program faster with fewer bugs and write more secure code, It has useful discussion stories, quotes, references, diagrams, and code samples.

The summit up if you want to code faster with fewer bucks, you have got to get your hands on this book.

8. The Art of Computer Programming Book by Donald Knuth

Donald Knuth is an American computer scientist mathematician and professor emeritus at Stanford University. His book The Art of computer programming has four volumes and was initially published in the year 1968.

It is a comprehensive monograph that covers many kinds of programming algorithms and their analysis.

This book is top-rated and highly praised by many of the world’s top programmers for the combined mathematical exactness with great humor throughout the chapters.

The book focuses mainly on representing information inside a computer and is an excellent read for programmers.


And there you go, that is a list of best books for programmers, Do you have any other must-read books that you would like to add to the list? Please share it with us in the comment section below.

We will be back soon with yet another exciting and informative article, till then stay safe and keep learning.

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