Top Artificial Intelligence Startup In 2021

In this article, we will give you the information about the 10 Artificial Intelligence company which are working to build a better tomorrow.

So from Google to Amazon and from Facebook to Microsoft, all tech company wants to change and want to implement Artificial Intelligence, in every field.

We are using AI daily in our life, which can be in the form of Siri or in the form of Alexa, There are still many a revolutionary change like self-driving cars.

In this article, we have a list of 10 startups which is powered by AI and they are changing the world. So here we go.

1. Tempus 

This is a healthcare biotech Big Data company and the office is located on the Chicago campus. Tempus uses AI to gather and analyze a massive pool of medical and clinical data.

The company with the assistance of AI provides precision medicine that personalized and optimized treatment to each individual’s specific health needs, relying on everything from genetic makeup to past medical history to diagnose and treat temples currently focusing on using AI to create a breakthrough in cancer research.

2. DataRobot

This is a big data and software company and its offices located in Boston, DataRobot provides data scientists with a platform for building and deploying machine learning models.

The software helped the company to solve challenges by finding the best predictive model for that data. DataRobot is used in healthcare, FinTech insurance, manufacturing, and even sports analytics.

3. Narrative science

This is a big data and software company and its offices located in Chicago narrative science create natural language and vision which is called NLG technology that can translate data into stories by highlighting only the most relevant and interesting information businesses can make a quicker decision regardless of the staff experience with data analytics.

4. AlphaSense

This is a FinTech startup, and its head office is located in New York, AlphaSense, is an AI-powered search engine designed to help investment firms, banks, and fortune 500 companies to find important information in the form of transcript fillings, news, and research.

The technology uses Artificial Intelligence to expand keyword searches for relevant content, And this is the only FinTech startup on my list.

5. Clarifai

This is a software company and its offices located in New York Clarifai an image recognition platform that helps us to organize curate, filter, and search their media within the platform.

images and Articles are tagged teaching intelligent technology to learn which objects are displayed in a piece of media.

This company is pretty doing well in the image recognition platform.

6. Neurala

This is a machine learning and software company and its offices located in Boston, Neurala is developing the “Neurala Brain” a deep learning neural network software that makes devices like cameras, phones, and drones smarter and easier to use.

Neurala is currently used on more than a million devices the company’s software used by some of the big organizations like NASA, Motorola, and the Defense Advanced Research Project agency DARPA.

7. nuTonomy

This is an automotive and transportation company and its offices located in Boston, the company is having a mission to provide safe, efficient driverless vehicles.

nuTonomy is developing software that provides an autonomous vehicle in cities around the world the company uses AI to combine mapping perception, motion planning, control, and decision making into software designed to eliminate driver error accidents basically this company is working on self-driving cars.


This is an ad tech and software company and its office is located in New York, PERSADO is a marketing language cloud that uses AI-generated language to crop advertising for a targeted audience with functionality across all channels pursuit of helps businesses to increase acquisition boost retention and build better relationships with their customer.


This is in machine learning startup and that head office in New York, creates autonomous personal assistant powered by intelligent technology.

The assistant simply named Amy and Andrew Ingram integrated with programs like outlook, Google office 365, and slight and the ability to schedule an update meeting and they have a great ability to continually learn from every interaction of the meeting.

10. CognitiveScale 

This is a cloud and software company and its head office is located in Austin, CogniteScale builds augmented intelligence for healthcare insurance, financial service, and digital commerce industries,

which help businesses to increase customer acquisition and engagement while improving closest of billing and claims cost.

CogniteScale are used by some of the great organization like P&G, Exxon, JP Morgan, so these are the list of Artificial Intelligence companies which are changing the world.

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