Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Colleges in 2021

Artificial Intelligence isn’t just the future, it’s the now, with everyone from Amazon to Facebook investing heavily in the architecture of smart machines, there’s never been a better time to get into this growing field.

Everything from manufacturing construction, social media, and online commerce is beginning to tap the potential of artificial intelligence.

5. Harvard University

Harvard University

it’s no surprise to see one of the top Ivy League colleges in the world breaking our top five with a significant percentage of its faculty and student body devoted to computer science in all its many forms.

Harvard stands out from the pack with some recent awards and accolades, In 2015, the future society at Harvard’s Kennedy School created the AI initiative, an artificial intelligence Research Center.

Harvard is investing in both the technical side of AI to develop on the cutting edge, but also on the ethics side to help shape sound policy regarding the use of AI.

4. University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley artificial intelligence Research Laboratory includes more than two dozen faculty members and over 100 graduate students.

In addition to research opportunities, the AI lab offers seminars and courses such as computational imagining, and robotic manipulation and interaction.

The artificial intelligence programs at Berkeley involve groundbreaking research in areas like machine reasoning, learning, planning, decision making, vision, robotics, speech and language processing.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

what list of AI colleges would be complete without placing MIT near the top, With nearly a century and a half invested in research and technology.

MIT has made itself a household name in the internet age, research and experimentation falls under three generalized categories, artificial intelligence systems and theory.

With one of the most advanced robotics and research labs in the world, MIT is a natural choice to take on this exciting career.

2. Stanford University

Stanford University

Being ideally situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, Stanford provides the cream of the crop graduates that immediately take on new work right at home in North California.

Stanford has been studying and developing artificial intelligence since the 1960s, and has refined their program to be one of the best in the nation if not the world.

Current offerings include logic and automated reasoning, artificial intelligence principles and techniques, natural language processing with deep learning, machine learning and computer vision.

1. Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon

holding the number one spot is Carnegie Mellon University also featured on our list of top video game colleges.

Carnegie Mellon is making waves in a number of technological disciplines, known for developing an AI sufficient to be players have no limit Texas Hold’em,

Carnegie Mellon’s AI program is a safe bet for your future endeavors. Whether you want to develop for cutting edge DARPA initiatives or something even more innovative.

Thanks for tuning in to top five best artificial intelligence colleges. There’s no doubt about the future of artificial intelligence and how it will impact and shape humanity.

We hope this guide has helped inform you about the best options in this exciting pursuit.

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