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Welcome back to Another Tech Article. Today’s Article is all about Certifications, we always look for training Certification in our field in order to get good salary and increase the value in market.

So today, I have a tough word of Certification that will help you build your career and get a high paid job. First of all, we will discuss about why we need Certifications, followed by the top five Certifications and almost salary we can expect after pursuing those Certifications.

Why We Need Certification

So let’s start with the first topic which is why we need Certification and what are the benefits of getting Certified. So the first point in the stack is

1. Commitment to profession

It shows commitment to profession and helps with job advancement,

2. Personal satisfaction and professional development

One of the most common reason individual pursue a Certification is to validate their knowledge and increase their confidence at work if you’re feeling a bit stale.

setting a goal to achieve an industry Certification can be just what you need to get your juices flow.

3. Gain credibility

If you’re early on in your career and want to establish yourself. Getting a Certification can provide a stamp of approval from an objective organization.

4. Increase your marketability

If you’re in the job market or considering a change Certification can give you an advantage during the hiring process and help you stand out in competent a market

5. Employer preference

Being a certificate holder will definitely help you stand out because you pursued a rigorous process to earn the credential of your own volition.

6. Increase your chances for a promotion or advancement

If you’re ready for the next step, getting a Certification can provide visibility and as you stand out among your peers,

7. Earn more money

If your goal is to earn more money, look at the credentials that employers are requiring for leadership position, and what credentials a leader in the field have most often

8. gain new skills and knowledge

If you’re trying to build your knowledge in a specific area or stay up to date on technology, you may want to focus on a workshop or course that address a specific need.

9. Become an independent consultant

If this is your main motivation, it’s important to get the credential that carries weight in your industry. To be viewed as an expert it has to have a credential that other other perceive as difficult to achieve.

If everyone has a credential, it does not make you stand out. As much as if the credential is clearer. Make sure any credential is from another nation that is credible and well respected in your field.

Top five DevOps Certification

Top 5 DevOps Certification in 2021

Now let’s move to the next topic, which is top five DevOps Certification.

5. Certified Jenkins Engineer

 We have two Certifications, One is Certified cloudbees engineer and other one is Certified Jenkins engineer.

You can pursue any of the Certification the exam cost of Certified Jenkins engineer, is 150 dollar. Some of the job roles you can get into after doing this Certifications are Jenkins specialized

  • DevOps engineer
  • Jenkins engineer
  • Jenkins administrator
  • build and release engineer
  • test automation engineer
  • Jenkins trainer

salary of Jenkins Certified engineer in us is around $116000 and in India it is around 615,000.


4. Docker Certified Associate Certification

The exam cost of Docker Certified Associate Certification is  $195 some of the job roles you can get into after doing these Certifications are

  • Docker specialized DevOps engineer
  • Docker developer
  • Docker demostrate

Nowthere are a salary of Docker specialized DevOps engineer in the US is around $93,000 and India it is around  like 15,000 depending upon the experience,

3. AWS Certified Solutions Architect associate

the exam cost of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect associate is 150 dollar. Some of the job roles you can get into after doing this Certification, Are

DevOps or solutions architect,

  • AWS, specialized
  • DevOps trainer
  • Certified trainer 
  • AWS Engineer

The average salary of AWS Certified Solutions Architect associate in us is around one lakh $25,000 and India it is around 40 lakh 80,000 depending upon the experience,

2. Certified Kubernetes administrator

this is our most demanding certificate and today’s DevOps world because of the increase in demand of using Kubernetes as a DevOps solution,

the exam cost of this Certification is $300. Some of the job roles who can get into after doing these Certifications are

  • Kubernetes administrator
  • Kubernetes specialized DevOps engineer
  • Kubernetes Certified trainer

there are a salary of Certified Kubernetes administrator and us is around  $144,000 and India is around 11,50,000 depending upon the experience,

1. Certified DevOps engineer

This is the best Certification if you want to build your career in DevOps. Now here we have different Certifications from different cloud providers.

  • From AWS, we have AWS Certified DevOps engineer professional
  • from Microsoft, we have Microsoft Certified as your DevOps engineer exper And
  • from Google, we have professional cloud DevOps engineer 

So depending upon the cloud provider you are currently working on, we can go for that particular exam.

The examples for Microsoft Certified DevOps engineer is $165. And for AWS Certified DevOps engineer, it’s $300. And for Google Certified cloud engineer, it’s $200.

Some of the job roles you can get into after doing this Certifications are in Microsoft, Azure specialised devOps engineer and as your DevOps trainer

Google Cloud has specialized DevOps engineer and Google DevOps trainer, and  Salary in us is around  $130,000 and India it is around 853,000.

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