Best Skill That will Help You Succeed in 2021

As the World gets more Automated, what are some of the skill that will help you succeed in the 2021.

I have Best Skills that I would want my Reader to concentrate on in order to succeed in the future, And they are all skills that we can’t really compete with against machines.

There’s lots of skills, machines can do a lot better, But then there are things we as humans still excel at and are better.

1. Empathy and Emotional intelligence Skill

Empathy and Emotional intelligence Skill

I think this is a skill that we need to further develop understanding each other reading each other’s emotions, machines are starting to have this potential ability to, but we are still better than them.

2. Communicating Skill

Communicating Skill

The other important skill is actually communicating, communicating between humans. Making a point bringing messages across is really important.

3. Critical thinking Skill

Critical thinking Skill

Critical thinking is another important skill that we have as humans that I think machines are a white way off to, to develop. So how do we critically assess something? How do we apply strategic thinking on something?

4. Creativity Skill

Creativity Skill

Creativity is another really important aspect. So I don’t believe machines at the moment can be creative, I think they can apply some machine learning elements to even write music and poems and literature, but they can’t be as creative as human beings. And I’m not sure they will ever be.

5. Physical skill

Physical skill

We have definitely edge on on computers. Then there’s even some skills around manually doing things or even if we build robots, someone needs to maintain those robots and robots maintain themselves.

We need humans to install them to build things. And we need humans that have dexterity. Even some of the most advanced robots currently can’t do things like giving someone a massage, or they can’t be a plumber that walks into a building and we plumbers or some other place breaks.

For example, we have the beginnings of this. but computers and robots are not haven’t got the dexterity that human beings have.

6. Imagination and vision Skill


having a vision of what the future will look like. And how companies can use AI to make our world a better place is something that humans will always be better at than machines.

This is what I do my day job I help organizations do exactly that. helping them understand how they can use AI.

What we need to do is we need to make sure that all of this is making this world a better place. And we need to find our skills that we can use and hopefully, by doing this we can work make this world a more human place.

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