Data Science Salary in 2021 | Data Science Salary in India

Today we shall be discussing Data scientists, Data analysts, business analysts, data architects, and data engineers.

Please note that the list of various Data science roles is in no particular order. So let’s get started.

Data Scientist

Skill required of Data Scientist

Learn Programming language: To become a Data scientist you will need to master skills in at least one programming language, such as R and Python are essential when performing analytics in Data.

Learn statistics: Probability and mathematical analysis, as they play a significant role in dealing with Data,

Learn Concepts: Master the concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Data visualization, develop the ability to visualize results, and then you will need to know Data manipulation and analysis.

Learn Other Skill: Some other skills include intellectual curiosity, business acumen, interpersonal skills, and analytical and critical thinking.

Roles and responsibilities of a Data scientist

  • As a Data scientist, you will be expected to help companies interpret and manage data and solve complex problems.
  • Data scientists work closely with business stakeholders to understand their goals and determine how Data can achieve those goals.
  • They design Data modeling processes create algorithms and predictive models to extract the Data for business needs.

salaries of a Data scientist in India and the United States

According to Glassdoor in India, a Data scientist can earn approximately 10 lakh rupees per annum and about $113,000 per annum in the United States.

 Data Analyst

Skill required of Data Analyst

programming languages: Data analysts must have hands-on experience with programming languages such as Python, and our writing programs will help you solve complex problems.

Critical Thinking knowledge of Data visualization tools: a Data analyst must create different business reports using several visualization tools, understanding statistics, and machine learning algorithms, you must know concepts like

  • probability
  • distributions
  • hypothesis-testing

Other essential skills: include presentation skills, Microsoft Excel, writing, and communication skills.

Roles and responsibilities of a Data analyst

collect the right Data: a Data analyst must identify the organization’s goal, they must assess the available resources, comprehend the business problem and collect the right Data.

A Data analyst will be collecting and interpreting Data, write complex SQL queries and scripts to gather, store, manipulate, and retrieve information from relational Databases.

Data Mining: Data is mined from many sources and organized to obtain new details from it. By doing so, Data models are built to increase the efficiency of the system.

And then we have Data cleansing Data examining preparing summary reports and collaborating with other teams.

Data analyst salaries in India and the United States

 According to Glassdoor in India, a Data analyst can earn approximately five lakh rupees per annum and about $62,453 per annum in the United States.

Business Analyst

Skill required of Data Analyst

The skills required for a business analyst include

  • Microsoft Excel
  • SQL
  • visualization tools
  • problem-solving skills
  • information technology
  • analytic thinking
  • and finally interpersonal skills
  •  technical skills
  • communication skills
  • analytical skills
  • decision-making capabilities
  • Managerial skills

Roles and responsibilities of a business analyst

  • A business analyst must determine the KPIs that are the key performance indicators.
  • A business analyst engages with existing and prospective customers and helps them adopt products and solutions to meet business requirements.
  • They ensure consistent growth in product awareness, adoption, and usage by customers.
  • A business analyst also designed a solution that best meets the client’s needs.

salaries of a business analyst in India and the United States.

According to Glassdoor in India, a business analyst can earn approximately six lakh 65,000 rupees per annum, in the United States, they can earn approximately $68,346 per annum.

 Data Architect

 skills required for a Data architect

include applied math and statistics, They are needed for Data architect positions due to analytical reasoning, computation, interpretation, and Data presentation to solve business problems.

Data architects are expected to have a deep understanding of Data visualization, and Data migration.

foundational Database skills are a must to like any other job role in the list Data architects must have programming skills as well. Some other essential skills include Hadoop technologies like hive, MapReduce, and pig, machine learning, Data mining, and modeling tools.

Roles and responsibilities of a Data architect

Data architects build and maintain a company’s Database by identifying structural and installation solutions.

They communicate with different companies’ stakeholders to assess their needs and goals.

Plan end-to-end model for Data consumption and analysis, Working with the Database This is a huge responsibility for a Data architect as they monitor and maintain Databases.

Data architects also preserve a repository of all Data architecture artifacts.

salaries of a Data Architect in India and the United States

According to GlassDoor in India, a Data architect can earn approximately 18 lakh 83,000 rupees per annum. In the United States, they can earn approximately  $108,000 per annum.

Data engineers

skills required for a Data engineer

SQL: It serves as the fundamental skill set for Data engineers, you cannot manage an RDBMS without mastering SQL.

Data Warehousing: Data Warehousing is another essential skill that helps Data engineers aggregate unstructured Data collected from multiple sources, Data architecture, coding to link your Database, and work with all types of applications like a web application, mobile application, desktop application.

Programming skill: you must improve your programming skills, The other essential skills are machine learning and Apache Hadoop-based analytics.

 Data engineers roles and responsibilities

  • They use a systematic approach to plan create and maintain Data architectures while also keeping them aligned with business requirements to collect Data.
  • They have to obtain Data from the right sources before initiating any Database work, researching to address any issues that can arise while tackling a business problem, create models and identify patterns.

salaries of Data engineer in India and the United States

According to GlassDoor in India, a Data engineer can earn approximately seven lakh rupees per annum in the United States, They can earn approximately $103,000 per annum.


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