Good Examples Of Artificial Intelligence in [2021]

Let’s look at some of the best examples of how Artificial intelligence is used for good. When we talk about Artificial intelligence, sometimes people get scared about the concept, they think it can do lots of dangerous things that will take our jobs.

But Artificial intelligence or AI can also help us address some of the world’s biggest problems and actually make our world a better place.

So what I want to do in this Article is just to share with you some of my favorite examples of how AI can be used to make our world a better place.

1. Healthcare


This is a huge challenge around the world, there’s lots of inequality in terms of access to health care. And what AI promises us is that it can streamline this, it can give more people access to AI.

So one of my favorite examples is an app that you can run on your phone that is connected to the cloud that runs Artificial intelligence.

And your camera can then take images that can be analyzed automatically by a computer somewhere around the world.

So if you think about skin conditions, you might point your camera on to somewhere, that way, you have the skin condition, and the app will automatically diagnose it.

The same for eye conditions are very prevalent in certain parts of Africa, for example. So a diagnosis at the first point where AI can make a real difference. It can also help us to treat some of these solutions and develop much better drugs and personalize them.

So healthcare, for me is a great example of where AI can make a real difference to all of us.

2. Agriculture


Another massive problem across the world, where certain parts of the world are struggling to find the right crops to plant where they try to optimize it, minimize their water consumption to grow food and so on.

And AI can help us predict for example, what best crops to plant. And it can completely transform that entire farming process where you can, we now have automated machines that can micro analyze your field.

And instead of fertilizing everything and putting herbicide sides across your entire crop, you will only micro inject this to the things that actually to the plants are actually needed.

3.  Saving Bees

Saving Bees

Bees are hugely important to pollinate our plant, which then grow our food, and the Bee population around the world is in decline at the moment.

So what then what what this project was all about is creating connected hives. So you would monitor Bees, the Bee health, and again, using cameras using microphones, then detect what was going on, and then inform the Beekeeper if there was a problem.

So one of the problems that can be dangerous for Bee is a Hornet because they are predators. And what they developed when they connected these Bee is to look at camera images that would automatically detect a Hornet and then inform someone that there’s a threat.

Or even just using the microphone, you can know the wing flap of a Hornet is different to the wing flap of a Bee.

And you can now do a sound analysis to automatically detect that there’s a problem.

4. Conservation projects

Conservation projects

We can do we can use Artificial intelligence to help us around protecting animals around conservation projects.

Conservation projects tries to track endangered species around the world. And what they’re doing is a very similar to the Bee project. They’re using machine vision, but they’re trying to track animals around the world.

So instead of putting a little tracker on whales, for example, if you want to see how their move around, you simply use camera images, underwater cameras, or even cameras of tourists snapping ways that they’ve Been swimming with or watching from far.

And those can be automatically analyzed, you can use the spots on the animal to fingerprint them automatically. And similar projects are now being rolled out with Zebra and other animals across the entire world.

5. Environment


AI helps us also to predict the environment, environmental impact that we are causing around the world and allows us to model what this might mean and mean in terms of climate change and see levels.

But it also helps us to run our processes more efficiently. So lots of the data centers, lots of electricity grids that we have around the world that fuel, our energy and consumer energy can now be controlled by AI.

So automated systems that will optimize them to minimize the energy consumption and optimize the energy distribution across the country.

6. Inequalities


It also helps to address some of the inequalities that we have in the world and give people with disabilities and disadvantages access to systems.

So one of my favorite stories is a an app, a free app that is called StorySign that basically uses your camera on your phone, you point this onto a text, and then using augmented reality, it will translate this into sign language.

So for someone that is, can’t see, this is really powerful, or someone that can,t hear again, it can translate someone’s voice, we can record someone speaking and it will translate this into sign language for someone else to understand.

7. Fake News

fake news

Lots of news around Coronavirus and a pandemic and the economy at the moment politicized. And people are trying to skew facts. And again, Artificial intelligence can do highlight on our social media account that does something might be someone might not be sharing a true fact here,

Or something that looks like they’re spreading something that is not true. And these things are developing very fast. And companies like Facebook and Twitter and others are working very hard on using AI to to stop some of this.

So hopefully this helps you to understand how we can now use Artificial intelligence and practice to make a real difference in the world and address some of our biggest problems and they’re huge.

There’s a huge amount of amount of product projects that are happening around the world in this space at the moment. If you want to learn anything else about AI or any of these projects, Then visit again to this Blog.

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