Google IT Support Professional Certificate In 2021

In this article, I will talk about the Google IT Supports Professional Certificate offered by Coursera. Now I just wanted to write this article because I remember before deciding to take this course, I was trying to Google and YouTube stuff about this course.

But there really weren’t many resources, out there. So I just wanted to write this article for those of you guys who are in the same position that I was.

So in this article, I’ll be talking about four different things. I’ll be talking about how much this course costs and how the payment is set up.

Secondly, I’ll be talking about how this course is structured, and what you guys can expect material and content-wise in this course.

And also, I’ll be talking about my personal experience and my recommendations for you guys on whether or not to take the course.

And lastly, I’ll be talking about how this course has helped me out so far in my career.

How the payment is set up

 So first, let’s talk about how the payment is set up in this course. So this course is $50 a month, it’s not a flat fee or anything like that, you just pay for however long you take.

If you take one month to complete the entire course, you’ll just end up paying $50. While if you take 12 months to complete the entire course, you’ll pay $600.

So it’s just a matter of how long you take to complete the course. And that’s how much you are going to pay.

About this course

Google IT Support Professional Certificate

So this course there are five different modules.

  • Technical Support Fundamentals
  • The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking
  • Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User
  • System Administration and its Infrastructure Services
  • it Security: Defense against the digital dark arts

 So on each of those five modules, they’re going to be five to six different sections called weeks. And within each of these weeks, there are going to be about five to 10 different short articles, which range from around one minute to around 15 minutes.

So there’s going to be a bunch of short articles. And also towards the end of each section each week, you’re going to be having a practice quiz.

They’re relatively short as well. They’re only like five to 10 questions, Max. And also, depending on which module you guys are on, you guys also face a practice lab, which is also graded.

So the practice labs don’t really take a long time to finish, they’re relatively short, you do have one hour to complete the entire lab.

But I guarantee most of you guys won’t be taking up that one hour. The labs come with, you know, descriptive instructions that you guys can just follow along with it.

And you guys also learn a lot from these labs. So make sure to not just zoom through it. But also take the time to understand the concepts and what is trying to teach you.

And that goes for the whole course. So for the content itself, the short articles, they’re not really boring, you guys are going to have someone like this speaking to you directly in the articles, you guys can toggle subtitles to make it easier to read and understand.

And also, under the articles, you guys are going to have the script that the narrator is going to be reading from.

So you guys can just scroll down instead of looking at their face the whole time, you guys might get bored of that.

So you can just scroll down and you guys can just follow along as they’re reading to you. So these articles are not boring at all, they’re pretty easy to follow along.

And you guys can take notes while you are listening to the articles. And you guys can pause and do everything.

Well, since I was a complete beginner, I had no previous IT background, this course was really helpful for me. Now, as I said before, guys, this course covers five different aspects of IT.

So once you guys you know, finish the course, you’re going to be pretty well rounded in your it knowledge.

However, this course doesn’t really go as in-depth, it just focuses on one subject, and it goes really deep in that subject.

But in this course, IT focuses on five subjects. And they really go from beginner to intermediate knowledge level, they don’t really go as in-depth, because obviously, it’s covering five different aspects of it.

So with that being said, Guys, this course is going to be really effective and really informative for the people who have absolutely no IT background.

But for those of you guys who already have some certifications, you guys don’t really have to take this course you guys can just hop in and take another course or another certificate or something like that.

 If you want to take this course just to stack up against your, your certifications, and just the flex for the employers, go ahead and take this course, it’s pretty easy to complete. it’s nothing, you know, too complex.

So go ahead and take this course, obviously, taking this course is not going to hurt you or anything like that, it’s only going to help you might not also, you know, teach you something new.

Who knows. So if you’re new to it, guys, go ahead and take this course I really recommend it to you guys, you’re going to get that basic fundamental knowledge, and you know, multiple aspects of it.

How this course helped me

 Well, I just finished the course a couple of days ago. So I really can’t tell you guys that much yet. But I did apply to a bunch of jobs. And I did do some research online.

And people did say that they were able to get some jobs, get a few entry-level jobs with this course. However, in my experience so far, obviously, I played a couple of days ago.


So once you finished with the course Coursera will email you the certification. And also within that email, it’ll have a link where you guys can just click on it.

And it’ll give you that option to add the certification to your LinkedIn profile. So you guys can show off to your potential employers, not only did this course help me, you know, make my resume look better to make my LinkedIn profile look better.

If you guys found this article helpful, please share this article, and, let me know what you think in the comments below.

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