How To Become A Data Scientist in 2021 || Data Scientist Career Path

Today I’m going to tell you how you can become a successful data scientist. Now before I begin, let me give you an example chair at home and you bought me for like watching a TV show or a movie then you get on Netflix you scroll through all the TV shows and movies that they offer, then you recommended the latest season of Daredevil because you’ve seen shows similar, the all enjoy bundling shows on Netflix.

But do you actually know how much of data sciences use along with Netflix? Netflix analyzes the users behavior from hundreds of different TV shows and movies to create the best recommendations for everyone. They measure user engagement and retention on various shows.

So currently, they’re even applying advanced metrics that includes when you pause, rewind or fast forward that’s when you see something really cool and you want to watch it again.

What day you watch the content for example, some days you feel like watching a comedy show sometimes drama and so on, when and why you leave the content. When you stop watching a show.

Why did you stop what time you watch which content children tend to watch in the morning and adults when they return from work from where you watch in the world such as for the show the ratings, given the browsing and scrolling behavior and what device he wants to program on.

Netflix uses data science to show better movie and show recommendations at the same time creating better shows for the users. There are 33 million different versions of Netflix as Joris Evers, who’s the Director of global communications, Netflix at the moment has more than hundred and 25 million users worldwide, which means on an average, only four people get the same iteration of Netflix.

This is because of all the personalization that is done to suit the user’s needs. Or did you also know that the popular show House of Cards was created completely using data science and big data?

This was using the advanced metrics that I mentioned earlier, Netflix collected user

data from another show called the westwing. From this they took into concentration where people rewound particular scene when they fast forward, and when they stopped watching the show that this they were able to create what they believed was a perfectly engrossing show.

Data Science is the area of study which involves extracting knowledge from all the data that you can gather.

 what a data scientist does

we’ll go through all the skills that is required by a data A scientist, a data scientist needs to have the following seven skills,

1. database knowledge

Gain database knowledge gaining database knowledge is required to store and analyze data or active database, SQL Server, MySQL and Reddit are some of the tools that are required for this

2. statistics

statistics, learning statistics probability and mathematical analysis. Statistics is the science concerned with developing and studying methods for collecting, analyzing, interpreting and presenting empirical data

3. programming tools

programming mastering one programming language programming tools such as R, Python and SAS are very important to perform analytics and data R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.

It supports most machine learning algorithms for data analytics, like regression, Association, clustering, and so on. Python is an open source general purpose programming language and libraries such as NumPy inside pi are using data science sask in mind, although manage and d beta from A variety of sources it can also perform statistical analysis on the data skill.

4. data wrangling

data wrangling, learning how to wrangle data data wrangling involves cleaning data, manipulating data and organizing the data. Some of the tools that are used are our Python flume, and scoop skill

5. machine learning

machine learning to master the concepts of machine learning. Machine learning provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve with experience without being actually programmed to do that machine learning can be achieved through a number of different algorithms like regression, nave base SVM k means clustering can and decision tree just to name a few skill

6. big data 

Big Data having working knowledge of big data tools, big data is a term that is used to describe large and complex data that cannot be dealt with with traditional data processing software. Some of the tools that are used or software’s that are used are Apache, Spark, Hadoop, talent, tableau, Splunk, and so on

7. data visualization

data visualization to develop the ability to visualize itself. Data Visualization involves integrating different datasets analyzing models and visualizing them in the form of data. charts and graphs.

Some of the tools or software’s that are used are Tableau QlikView Power BI and Google Data Studio.

job roles in data science

1. data scientists

a data scientist Earn 120,000 US dollars per year. And these are their responsibilities to create data driven business solutions and analytics, drive optimization and improvement of product development to use predictive modeling to increase and optimize customer experience, revenue generation targeting and so on and coordinating with different functional teams to implement models and monitor their outcomes.

2. data engineer

Data engineer, a data engineer earns around 130,000 US dollars a year some of the responsibilities are assembling large, complex data sets to identify, design and implement internal process improvements to build infrastructure required for optimal extraction, transformation and loading of data to build analytics tools that utilize the data pipeline,

3. data architect

a data architect Earn 112,000 US dollars per year and these are their responsibilities. Develop database solutions to install and configure information systems to analyze structural requirements for new software and applications to migrate data from legacy systems to new solutions

4. data analyst

a data analyst answer of 65,000 US dollars per year and these are their responsibilities to interpret data and analyze results using statistical techniques to acquire data from primary or secondary data sources and maintaining databases to develop and maintain data analysis, data collection systems and other strategies working with management to prioritize business and information needs

5. business analyst

business analyst a business analyst answer on 70,000 US dollars per year. And these are the responsibilities to assess the business with planning and monitoring eliciting and organizing requirements, validating the resource requirements and developing cost estimate models creating informative, actionable and repeatable reporting.

6. data administrator.

Data administrator earns around 54,000 US dollars per year. And these are the responsibilities assisting in database design and updating existing databases setting up and testing new database and data handling systems sustaining the security and integrated data and creating complex query definitions that allow data to be extracted.

some of the various skills

Now let’s talk about some of the various skills that are required for the job. It’s very important that a data analyst has a sound knowledge in programming tools, data visualization, communication, and data wrangling.

A data architect needs know a lot about programming tools, database knowledge, statistics, mathematics and linear algebra.

A data engineer must be good with programming tools, database knowledge, data wrangling and software engineering.

business analyst needs to be good at data visualization and communication statistics, data wrangling and machine learning.

A data administrator needs to be good with programming tools, database knowledge and data wrangling. Now however,

data scientists needs to be good at programming tools, data visualization, database knowledge, statistics, data wrangling and machine learning.

They also need to know a good amount of knowledge on software engineering, mathematics and linear algebra, which means you basically need to know everything about the data.

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