How to Earn Money As a Content Writer

In this article, I will show you how you can earn good money working from home as a freelance content writer, so let’s get started.

You see, there’s a lot of interest from folks these days to work from home and earn money online. Thanks to the pandemic situation, many talented people like you now have a lot of time at hand.

And when it comes to working from home content, writing jobs are probably the most popular as it’s easy to get started. But the truth is, not everyone who gets started with it makes it thick, many gets satisfied and leave it halfway.

But as someone who has done it myself, I can tell you how to do it the right way how to work from home as a content writer.

How to work from home as a content writer

1. Understand The Format That You’re Comfortable

Understand The Format That You're Comfortable

So first off, you need to understand what this job really means. What does a content writer do? You see there are a lot of people on the internet, including companies and big brands that actually needs a lot of content could be in the form of blog articles, YouTube scripts, podcast, scripts, stories, web contents, and whatnot.

Each type of content has its own requirements. For example, a blog article needs to be in a long format, while a YouTube script may have to be shorter and snappier,

So as a content writer, you need to first, understand the format that you’re comfortable with.

2. You need to improve your content writing skills

You need to improve your content writing skills

You see a lot of the web that you see today is very advanced. You cannot produce content on the web that’s boring and get away with it.

Like say if you’re approaching web content, like you wrote essays in your exams, it’s not going to work. Imagine you also from the reader’s position.

Would you like to read a long boring article that sounds like a newspaper one? Or would you like to read a shorter fun to read knowledge-driven, snappier article, the shorter one, right?

The average person consuming content on the web today has an attention span of goldfish they say which means you cannot keep them waiting for too long for anything.

So learn to write for the web of today. Not your essays, not your novels, the web needs snappier, fun, research-driven content that entertains as well as provides value.

Nobody can really tell you what exactly to write, you have to learn it yourself develop that taste, you’ll find many people appreciating it and will hire you.

3. Sign up on Freelancing Websites

Sign up on Freelancing Websites

There are many websites on the internet that promises you how to get freelance jobs, but not all are legit. I personally use this website called Fiverr, which I use for freelancing and finding good talent.

They have different categories from which you can hire freelancers, so if you want to be a content writer, check out the writing gigs category and sign up as a freelancer on Fiverr.

Check out what other people like you are selling already and try to offer something new and unique through your writing service.

Wait until you get noticed before accepting offers.

4. Try To read a lot

Try To read a lot

Read until you can write kick-ass content, learn from every piece of reading. But wait, don’t just read random websites read those that are shared the most on social media.

Those are the type of content that people like to read. So how do you find it? use this tool called bus Sumo?  This is a tool that will tell you what are the most shared articles under any topic on social media, which is Facebook, Twitter, and everything else combined.

I’ve learned a lot from reading these articles. Trust me, you can be the best novel writer with the best grammatical perfection and everything.

But writing for the web is a totally different genre, you need to consider things like the context, attention span, and the genre to figure out what is popular web content is very unlike your regular bookish content, learn it as much as possible.

The good thing is that it’s not hard to learn, all you have to do is read the most popular articles you will see the patterns in them.

So guys, if you want to be a content writer on the web, and earn money working from home, you got to think differently and develop a different kind of understanding of words and content.

So give yourself a good internet connection and a laptop sign up on Fiverr and get started, In the next article I’ll share with you five essential tools you need that will help you to write better content on the web.

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