Most Advanced Humanoid Robots in 2021

Did you know a Humanoid Robot is granted honorary citizenship in Saudi Arabia. Also, the Humanoid Robot market is estimated to be worth $4 billion by the year 2023.

Wow, the field of Robotics is coming up with many innovations and ideas with every passing year, We are currently living in the 21st century, where Technology is advancing at a significantly faster pace.

The advancements made in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning are tremendous and astonishing.

We are living in that era, where we are witnessing Robots performing tasks as human beings, assisting in medical surgeries to handling weaning stools, From cleaning utility holes to sport and gas welding.

Robots are performing multiple Robots are deployed in numerous industries for several jobs, they are accommodating in the areas where physical presence for human is dangerous.

Robots are playing a significant role in warfare and mining nowadays, the best part is that unlike humans, they never get tired and hence in work non stop providing a training or facility. 

Some of the notable advancements in artificial intelligence and Robotics are in healthcare, civil engineering, athletics, Ai, and add.

Robots come in many different shapes and sizes, But perhaps the most enduring and interviewing are ones that look like you.

Over the years, there are a lot of Humanoid Robots being developed by various countries and organizations.

Most of them are used for personal assistance, education, entertainment, research, base exploration, whereas others are used for search and rescue operations healthcare and public.

What is Humanoid Robots?

A Humanoid Robot is the one that resembles us humans, They have the body shape, and features similar to a human being and are built to mimic human interactions and motions.

There is a rapid expansion of Humanoid Robots in the market now, It’s primarily due to the functions and improved capabilities of these Robots.

Many advanced Humanoid Robots are coming up every year that are capable of performing individual tasks.

Let’s quickly jump over and look at the different advanced Humanoid Robots developed by various organizations in the world.

1. Walker

the Chinese company UBTECH Robotics has developed an intelligent Humanoid service report named Walker. UBTECH mission is to introduce intelligent Robots into every home and business to make everyday life smarter, and more convenient.

UBTECH has made changes and upgraded its Humanoid Robot Walker to make it more efficient. This Humanoid Robot is capable of achieving precise walking and stable movement at all types of surfaces, It’s also capable of the object, facial and environment recognition.

Talking about how we can communicate with worker we can accomplish that via text wise and facial expressions based on too cramped interaction.

2. Romeo

 Let’s meet Romeo, who is designed to assist people in their daily needs. Weighing 36 to 40 kgs. Romeo will act as a real companion mainly helping the elderly in various things like making conversations, suggesting games and playing with them.

This Robots primary role is to help people with everyday tasks, like remembering appointments, or the medication to be taken, finding lost spectacles, or compiling a shopping list. Ideally,

it should also detect if the person has fall and help them get up and call the emergency services if required.

The alphabet team who is preparing Romeo to become the perfect companion Robot is also devoting their large part of research in teaching Romeo how to cook pancakes by following a recipe it will download from the internet.

In the future, Romeo will join a long line of advanced Humanoid Robots that are intended to entertain and health care.

3. Zenvo

 zenvo is a new Robot friend for kids, seniors and anybody else who would love to have a smarter companion with them.

This Robot stands about knee height when compared to an average adult zenvo can act as a security guard, smart home manager, hands free kitchen assistant friendly companion, and a family photograph as well.

In response to voice queries zenvo gives recommendation like recipe recommendations and similar services.

He can buy goods online by logging into your account and inputting passwords by your voice assistance.

He would also take photos like autonomous selfies, he says who developed zenbu has emphasized the Robot’s usefulness for all the people as well.

This report can also sing songs, tell stories, dance to music, and even work as a Deuter to the children zenvo will cost $5.99 if you want to purchase it for your Home.

4. HRP-5P

HRP-5P is a Humanoid Robot designed for its practical use at sites for assembling large structures. It’s mainly used at construction sites shipyard and eight craft facilities.

It’s designed with a high power body with improved Robot intelligence, like object recognition and environmental measurement HRP-5P is 182 centimeter and 101kg Robot with a total of 37 degrees of freedom.

It’s built by incorporating new hardware technologies and is capable of handling screwdrivers and installing dry walls.

This report is being developed by, Japan’s National Institute of Advanced industrial science and Technology. The main aim of creating this report is to replace heavy duty human labor in response to the country’s changing demography.

With the control birth rate, heavy human labor as a rising problem in Japan, with Robots like this, that could not be a problem anymore.

In the future, If everything goes according to the plan of AIST, we might see all the dry walls being handled by HRP-5P Robots.


A Humanoid Robot designed to move more dynamically compared to regular reports,This 155 centimeter Robot weighing 42.2 kilogram was developed in 2019 by agility Robotics, DIGIT is strong enough to pick up and stack boxes, which are up to 18 kg.

Ford is teaming up with agility Robotics to bring about change in delivery services, This Robot could change the way self driving cars make deliveries, it can tightly fold itself up until it’s called into action, making it convenient for storage at the back of self driving vehicles.

It can walk naturally through uneven terrain, go up and down the stairs, and even react to being bombed without losing the Ballance

DIGIT can be deployed to carry out the entire delivery process from grabbing a package from the vehicle to carrying out the final two-step Delivary.

Ford and Agility Robotics are closely working to determine the best way out when self driving vehicles to cooperate with this Robot and established the new delivery method in the future.

6. SpotMini

This 84 centimeter Robot developed by Boston Dynamics is capable of climbing stairs and handling objects. It weighs 30 kg and operates in homes, offices and outputs.

This four legged smallest dog Robot has weighed his catalog in built in its mainframe It also has an optional snake like arm that allows it to do tasks like opening doors.

This opposite arm gets attached with a real dog’s head with its five degrees of freedom. Our movement can fetch you a glass of your favorite drink without breaking it.

7. Atlas

Developed by the American Robotics company Boston Dynamics Atlas is a bipedal Humanoid Robot designed for various search and rescue tasks.

It is a 1.8 meter Robot created in 2013, This Robot is mainly intended to aid emergency services, performing tasks like opening doors, shutting off valves and operating power equipment where the stuff for humans to survive.

Atlas weighs 80 kg and has one of the world’s most compact mobile hydraulic systems, It has 28 joints and moves at a speed of 1.5 meter per second.

It is designed to operate both outdoors and indoors, It has 28 degrees of freedom, which allows it to drive a utility vehicle at the side open door and enter a building.

Atlas also removes any address present that blocks in entryway, locates and closes the valve near a leaking pipe.

8. Pepper

Meet Pepper world’s first social Humanoid Robot capable of recognizing faces and basic human emotions. It was optimized for human interaction and can engage with people through various conversations and his thoughts.

Around the globe, Over 2000 companies have adopted pepper as an assistant for various tasks like welcoming and guiding the visitors in a very innovative way.

Pepper has 20 degrees of freedom, and is capable of speech recognition in 15 different languages.

It stands 120 centimeter tall, with a touchscreen on his chest displaying content to highlight messages and support speech,

His curvy design Making cute and ensures danger free use, Pepper was manufactured by SoftBank Robotics, and was introduced in a conference on June 5 2014.

Currently, he is being used at banks and medical facilities in Japan and as a receptionist at several UK offices.

Pepper was also reported to have been used in several homes in Japan, being available as research and educational report.

Pepper teachers programming at several schools in colleges, Unlike zenbu paper is not a functional report for domestic use.

Pepperhas two HD cameras, a 3d depth sensor, and four microphones in his head. He weighs 20 kilograms and runs on lithium ion batteries.

His creators hope that new users and content will be created for pepper from his independent developers in the future.

9. Sofia

Remember we mentioned a Robot who was granted citizenship in country, Meet Sophia, a Saudi Arabian citizen, the first Robot to receive citizenship in any country.

She is a social Humanoid Robot, who made her first public appearance in March 2016. In Texas, United States.

She was developed by a Hong Kong based company called Hanson Robotics, She’s been covered by various media around the globe and has participated in several high profile interviews.

Sophia was given citizenship in October 2017, and is the first non human to be given any United Nation Title.

She can recognize faces, saw seen eye contact, processed speech and converse using natural language processing.

Standing 167 centimeter long and weighing 20 kg, Sophia is designed for education, research, entertainment, and for promoting public discussions about the future of Robotics and AI ethics.

She has met numerous celebrities, including Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith, and has traveled to over 25 countries until now.

Sophia and her designers dream of that future where humans and AI live and work together in friendship and symbiosis to make this world a better place.

10. The Stuntronic Robot

This Stuntronic Robot combines advanced Robotic Technology with untethered dynamic movement, It performs twist, aerial flips, and poses with repeatability and precision, This Robot is 175 centimeter long and weighs 40 kG.

11. Aquanaut

Aquanaut is an underwater vehicle that transforms itself into a half Humanoid Robot from a nimble submarine designed for long distance cruising, developed by Houston mechatronics Inc.

This half Humanoid Robot can perform complex manipulation tasks. It stands 97 centimeter long and weighs 1050 kg moving at a speed of 13 kilometer per Hour.

12. Mitra

A friendly neighborhood Robot that came into Limelight when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Advisor to the President of the United States, Ivanka Trump opened the Ges session in Hyderabad.

Mitra created by inventor Robotics is white in color and has a phrase that could perfectly fit any sci- fi book. Undoubtedly the Robotics field will reach greater heights in the future.

With many more advancements and more efficient reports, The ways in which these Humanoid Robots are deployed are continually expanding, looking at all these innovative reports We would definitely wish to have a trained regard for ourselves that can go for most of our daily routine tasks and automate our lives.

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