Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities in 2021

In this article, we will discuss about project manager roles and responsibilities, Let’s first have a look at all the topics we will be covering today.

First, we will see who is a project manager, then we will check the roles and responsibilities of a project manager.

Moving forward, we will analyze the salary of a project manager and the steps that will help us become a project manager.

 Who is a project manager?

A project manager is a professional who manages the project manager plays an integral role from the first phase of the project lifecycle to the last phase of the project lifecycle.

This individual is a part of all the activities that produce the final deliverables and strive towards the success of the project.

Now, let’s consider some must-have skills of a project manager, First, we have 

  • Strong Communication Skills

The communication skills have the project manager to communicate the organization’s mission and vision to the team members in a clear concise manner.

These communication skills help a project manager to explain the thoughts and requirements to customers and stakeholders.

  • Effective leadership skills

The next we have is effective leadership skills that help in forming a team of skilled professionals and lead them in the best possible manner.

  • Team management skill

The next skill that a project manager must have is team management skill, As a project manager, it is very important to know how to manage a team to achieve a common goal with complete harmony.

A project manager must have strong negotiation skills as project managers have to negotiate at each and every step this negotiation might be with the customers, stakeholders, or team members.

These negotiation skills become of utmost importance, When project members get into a fight or an argument.

  • Critical thinking

This is what makes a project manager more effective and efficient in project management. This thinking capability is needed to take difficult steps to talk to stakeholders and resolves several issues throughout the course of the project.

  • Risk Management Skill

The last skill that a project manager must have is risk management skill, handling a project is an important step but what is equally important is risk management.

This is the process required to identify, analyze, and respond to the risk factors throughout the project lifecycle.

Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager 

Now when we know who a project manager is, we must have a look at the roles and responsibilities of a project manager.

♦1. The first and foremost roles of a project manager is to set up a project scope, check its feasibility, and determine the resources that are needed to satisfy the project scope.

♦2. The second roles that a project manager has is the development of a project plan, According to the project scope, the plan is needed to encourage the team to hard work with all their dedication.

♦3. Next, a project manager is supposed to set deadlines for the project deliverables, he or she is supposed to manage time as a priority and communicate with the team at regular intervals.

4. The next important roles is to analyze the track and control the budget of the project manager has to make sure that the project does not run out of budget and as optimized as possible.

♦5. Effective communication is one of the most important skills of a project manager he or she is supposed to maintain communication with all the stakeholders throughout the project,

then we have is the identification and evaluation of risk in a project manager must take steps to minimize the effect of risk in a project.

♦6. The next roles of a project manager is to track and control the performance of the team, This helps in yielding the best outputs with the least number of resources.

♦7. The last rule a project manager must have is to provide reports and documentation of all the steps involved in project management.

This helps in future projects and make sure that the mistakes that happened in the project will not happen again in ongoing projects.

Salary of a project manager

Now it’s time for us to check the salary of a project manager, The data shows that an average salary of a project manager in India is approximately 14 lakh rupees per annum, while the average salary of a project manager in the United States is at $83,215 per year.

How To Become Project Manager?

The next important thing we must learn is how can we get a project manager’s job there are four important steps that one must fulfill to become a project manager.

1. Bachelor’s degree

The first step is to have a bachelor’s degree it is important for a person to be a graduate, one can hold a bachelor’s degree in any area of interest like marketing, computer science, or even engineering.

This entirely depends on the type of project manager one wants to be.

2. Gaining project management experience

The second important step is gaining project management experience, This means that a person must have experience leading and directing projects project management experience helps in taking different project management certifications, which further help in having a good-paying job.

3. Learn project management tools

The third essential step is To learn project management tools, there are different project management tools for different areas of interest.

These tools help in the quick and efficient management of work. project management tools are used widely by organizations now, learning these tools will increase the chances of getting selected in one of those organizations.

4. Project management certifications

The fourth and the last step is getting project management certified, project management certifications help an individual to increase the value of their certification and validates their dedication to the job.

Nowadays, several organizations have made it compulsory for a project manager to be project management certified, there may be several project management certifications, out of which project management professional certification or PMP certification is one of the most common and widely accepted certifications.

The Project Management Institute or the PMI predicts that there will be 22 million new project management jobs by the year 2027.

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