Project Manager Salary In 2021: Project Manager Salary

Project Managers, who are willing to enter into the Project Management world are very curious about one question, how much a Project Manager earn or how much a PMP can earn?

We will explore this in our article, how much a Project Manager can earn depends on several factors. The top three factors that affect the Project Manager’s salary are the following

  1. The location of the Project Manager
  2. The experience and skills of the Project Manager
  3. The industry

Project Manager salaries change in each country, for instance, mid-level experienced Project Managers can earn around 80,000 to $110,000 in the US, 45,000 to 55,000 euros in the UK, and 36,000 to $45,000 in India.

These are the annual earnings of a Project Manager in these countries notes that depending on the industry, skill, and company, these salaries can vary significantly.

We will explore Project Manager salaries in us more. We’ve used the indeed salary information while we’re investigating how much a Project Manager can earn in the US.

Project Manager salaries change in the US depending on the city and industry, The average Project Manager salary is around $80,000 in the US.

However, if you look at Project Manager salaries in San Francisco, you’ll see that the average is 31%. above the national average, A Project Manager average salary is around $106,000, in San Francisco.

It is obvious that a Project Manager’s salary increases proportionally to the experience and skills of the Project Manager.

While the average salary of Project Managers in the US was around $80,000, Senior Project Manager salaries average is $104,000.

Benefit of PMP certification

One of the critical factors that affect the Project Manager’s salary is having PMP certification, The biggest benefit of PMP certification to the individual is for sure the value of the PMP certificate.

The Project management professional or PMP certification is the most important industry-recognized certification for professionals.

Project management salary surveys showed respondents with a PMP certification had a 20% higher average salary than those without a certification.

If you are a PMP certified you can expect up to a 20% increase in your PMP salary if you compare with a Project Manager who is not certified.

Therefore, there was a clear PMP certification salary growth of 20%, These figures are not conjured up, but you have this straight from the PMI salary survey.

What is the basis of this PMP certification salary survey? You are getting this PMP certification salary information from 26,000 Project Managers from across 34 countries who did a declaration about the PMP certification salary hike.

We also did research in the US job market as well, We found that in the US a PMP Certification holder earns 14% more than a regular Project Manager who does not have a PMP certification.

What PMP certification salary would you get if you were in the United States after PMP? The answer is you may get up to $111,000 if you are a PMP while you may get $91,000 per year if you are non-certified.

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