Top 10 Application of Artificial Intelligence in [2021]

Hi, Welcome to another Article from Sefisoft, Now, let’s have a look at the top 10 Application Of Artificial Intlligence in 2021.

We all heard about how Artificial Intelligence can help in revolutionising and redefining industries have been needed a menial task and drastically changing our decision making process.

But have you wondered what kind of industries have adopted Artificial Intelligence technologies already? And how are they actually benefiting from them?

10. Agriculture Industry Application 

 Artificial Intelligence has been helping farmers and collecting and analyzing farm data like unconditioned housing crops etc.

Blue River technology a pioneer in this industry has helped farmers in controlling weeds and pests through precision spraying of herbicides and pesticides.

9. Automobile Industry Application 

We all have heard of Tesla, haven’t we? Tesla smart cars have Artificial Intelligence monitoring our sensors detecting, predicting and preventing any dangers or problems now vacant.

You also have assisted driving cars as an Artificial Intelligence acting as copilot and driverless cars as one coming up.

8. Shopping Industry Application 

The most frequent way in which these ecommerce websites apply Artificial Intelligence is production commendation.

Artificial Intelligence keeps a track of all the data like your passport shoes, your shopping style, and also the current trend and use it to suggest items will most likely end up buying.

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Another way that implementing Artificial Intelligence is customer support the chat box which assists us in buying, inquiring, complain, Artificial Intelligencening and so on.

7. Home Automation Application 

Artificial intelligence being used in home automation for enhanced security as opposed to a system assisting introducing a day to day tasks like online shopping, or setting up reminders setting up room temperature etc.

Examples are home automation IMC.

6. Social Media Application 

Twitter is using Artificial Intelligence to filter out hate comments, Facebook and Instagram use image cognizing techniques to create albums and personalize your feeds and so on.

5. Gaming Industry Application 

First and counter assault recon, also known as Phil is a first person shooter video game developed by Monolith Productions.

The opponent here the Artificial Intelligence is unpredictable and reacts every minute detArtificial Intelligencel, making it quite challenging and very tough to win.

4. Education Industry Application 

Many educational cities apply Artificial Intelligence to make learning more comfortable for the student by customizing the learning material based on to this knowledge experience on intelligence Institute’s  use Artificial Intelligence for smart test preparation.

 3. Navigation Industry Application 

GPS navigation systems integrates Artificial Intelligence to keep track of data such as traffic in a particular area, and recommend usually based on the past records, like how much time it took in the past for navigating through a particular area.

2. Healthcare Application 

From disease prediction diagnosis to robotic surgeries. Artificial Intelligence has already been helping doctors and researchers to other major contributors are companies like IBM Watson health and alibies.

They’re helping in development of drugs and drugs research.

1. Creativity Application 

Number one we have creativity by making Various Artists Artificial Intelligence can create a behavior and use it to create music, and so on.

One of the most jaw dropping example is IBM Watson cognitive platform, which was used to create a movie trailer,Like Morgan, So these are the top 10 applications of Artificial Intelligence.

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