Top 5 Countries to Study Data Science in 2021

Data is the new oil of the digital economy in the 21st century, I bet you have heard about the term big Data. Big Data is a term used for colossal amounts of digital and electronic Data generated by almost everyone on a daily basis.

It is estimated that we create roughly 2.5 billion GB of Data every day, This Data is not just your browsing history, or your social media activities, your shopping or travel habits, what games you play, what shows you watch, etc, generate massive amounts of Data.

Now, it is becoming clear that there is an enormous value in Data science, and big Data analytics. And this is where Data scientists ml and AI engineers and business analysts step in.

Without the expertise of these professionals who turn cutting edge technology into actionable insights. Big Data is nothing.

In this Article, we will look at the Top five countries to study Data science, ml, AI and big Data analytics abroad.

Additionally, we will also have a quick look at the top universities, job prospects and average salaries in those countries, So sit back, relax and Read the Article till the end.

5. France

Top 5 Countries to Study Data Science in 2021

as the demand for Data science skill set emerge, the shortage of skills in AI and machine learning has become a universal concern.

As per studies by firms like Capgemini McKinsey and Gartner, France is among the top five countries the wide skill gap in the field of Data science ml.

Apart from MCs in the IT and FinTech domains, French startups are looking for Data scientist and ml, AI professionals aggressively. As per new reports, there are 432 ai related startups in France in 2019, up from 312 last year and 180 back in 2016.

France is also becoming a very attractive destination for Indian students, In 2018. Around 7500 Indian students choose funds for pursuing higher education.

4. Germany


by 2030, Germany could fees a shortage of 3 million skilled workers and a considerable number of them are IT professionals, Their main worry is skills shortage, which is creating a big challenge on the way of developing and implementing AI and machine learning technology.

Four out of five companies say the difficulty they have in finding skilled workers is preventing them from investing in innovation.

Since 2012, Germany has attracted more than 60,000 highly skilled workers under the US blue card program. Currently, Germany needs much larger workforce of skilled workers from foreign countries to compensate for the skilled workers shortage within the country.

When it comes to higher education in science, technology and innovation, Germany has always been one of the top choices for international students.

German universities are the global leaders in education that offers optimal conditions for incoming students to ease their studies and in accordance with their global outlook.

More importantly, the cost of pursuing higher education in Germany is very affordable in comparison to other popular study abroad destinations.

3. Canada


Canada is gradually becoming a go to place for AI experts, The country’s usually focused in AI science and investing heavily into developing a framework on ethics policy and the legal implications of AI.

Canadian job market is currently in great shape for tech professionals, The jobs are up for grabs in Canada into full stack developer,

DevOps engineer and machine learning engineer who make up the top three most demanded decision,

specialist who have a bit of experience can expect to between $70,000 to $90,000 a year, while those with five years of experience can earn up to one lakh, $30,000 and beyond.

Top recruiters include Royal Bank of Canada, IBM or Scottybank ,KPMG,Amazon,loyalty one TD Bank can access who I am Capital One, among others. Additionally, global tech companies such as DeepMind, Microsoft, Facebook and Google are also setting up their research labs in Canada and tapping Canadian talent to head new AI arms.

2. UK


AI and big Data are together one of the four focuses of the UK government’s current industrial strategy, which aims to put the UK at the forefront of artificial intelligence and Data revolution.

Some of the biggest tech giants like apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft have been drawn to the UK is disproportionately large pool of talented AI entrepreneurs and acquired startups like DeepMind swiftkey, every technology focal rainbird, etc.

universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College and University of College London are breeding grounds for the new generations of artificial intelligence.

Companies mushrooming in the UK Overall, there is a significant shortage of skilled and experienced big Data analysts, AI and ml specialist in the UK.

In 2018, the number of AI roles advertised in the UK was doubled and the same in Canada and almost 20% more than in us. In the UK jobs be well above the average salary Data scientists take home 56,385 pound a year, an ml engineers earning an average of 54,617 pounds a year.

1. USA


As we all know, the US is by far the most popular destination for international students due to its strong reputation for teaching, research, infrastructure, innovation and job opportunities.

The US has been the world leader in tackling AI and machine learning talent. The top 20 ai companies are spending more than $650 million to hire AI talent and that there are more than 10,000 positions available at top employers across the country.

The Total annual investment among the 20 employers that are looking to hire AI talent is more than $33 million, The US is estimated to have two lakh 50,000 Open Data Science jobs by 2024.

The top recruiters in the US includes Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, Facebook, Intel, General Electric, Booz Allen Hamilton, Accenture, apple, IBM, Samsung, Lenovo, Uber and many more.

Recruiters in the US are seeking tech and engineering talents with deep learning, machine learning, Ai, neural networks computer vision and reinforcement skills.

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