What is Natural Language Processing [2020]

What is Natural language processing?

Natural language processing is basically giving machines the ability to do things that previously only humans could.

It can read text, it can edit text, process, text and produce written language. So it is processing human language that in the past computers simply couldn’t do.

There are now lots of different tools out there from narrative signs, quill to Amazon, poly to automated inside that uses their wordsmith tool, and Google’s text to speech.

And basically, these tools are used to do amazing things that previously machines couldn’t do. Just think about Google Translate, we can simply write any sentence in any language.

And Google will recognize what this sentence means, and will translate this in any language you want. in journalism, this is now being used extensively. So Bloomberg both basically has the cyborg toool that is now automatically writing earnings reports on company.

So if they released their numbers, the tool will automatically look at those numbers and generate a report that is really engaging, that I can’t differentiate from a report written by a financial journalist.

The Washington Post has developed their own tool called Heliograph that again, can know uncover trends, it can look at data that is available on the internet and start writing articles independently and autonomously.

Companies like the German bank commerce bank, is now using this. And they can actually, they use Natural language processing to automate about 70%  of the work of a human credit analyst.

So a lot of this can now be done by machines, they can collect information and analyze it, we now have a tool called summarize bot.

So if you have any thing that you want to keep an eye on, let’s say you want to keep an eye on technology trends, you put in artificial intelligence, this tool will go off and every day, read all the articles around the world, then summarize them for you.

We now have toools so the Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba, which sells more than Amazon and eBay combined, they now have a tool that will automatically ride product descriptions.

So if you want to have a new product on their ecommerce platform, it will write the ideal product description for you automatically.

If you just think about some of the tools that I now use in my day to day work, so I write for Forbes, or before I submit any of my articles I run  Grammarly tool that again users and Natural language processing to check the grammar on all my articles,

because I sometimes write in American English and sometimes in English, English, there is a difference and to make sure I don’t get don’t make any mistakes with my zaps and commerce and so on. I use Grammarly to help me do this.

And we even have an the AI writer tool. So if you not only wanted to keep up with what’s happening in the world using the summarize board, but you wanted to write a new article on something, you can simply use the AI writer to say I want to write, I want you to write about the latest camera, I want you to write about the latest, whatever you want to write about.

And again, this tool will go off on the internet, find all the relevant information collected for you and then write an article. So a bit like 75% of the credit report, Being automated or the work of a credit analyst being automated at commerce bank, any writer can now use these tools to start off their writing process.

So hopefully this has given you a really good insight of what Natural language processing is today and how it can be used by machines to really make our work easier, and an automate lots of things that previously were completely impossible.

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