What is Robotic Process Automation? Explanation in [2021]

There’s lots of misunderstanding around what it is and what it can do, and has also evolved very rapidly to where it is today.

So I thought I’d do a little Article on what it is where we are today and how you can use it in practice. Basically, if you think about Robotic process automation, think about it as automating some of the white collar work.

So the word robot basically means we’re programming a computer, an algorithm to do things that previously humans did.

And especially for some of the rule based and more structured processes in our companies, we can automate them.

So let’s think about a call center, for example, where a call center agent, if there’s a complaint call coming in, they would open a certain window, look up certain documents, trace something else, maybe put a few numbers into different fears and calculate this, this can be automated,¬†And in the past, we used Robotic process automation.

And we had to basically programmed this into a human had to watch what the process was document this process, and then write this down and program a robot to do this.

Nowadays, we have Robotic process automation that is enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning, which basically means that machines can simply watch us and see what we do, and then automatically learn from this, and suggest amendment and improve our processes and automate certain parts.

So just think about this intelligent software layer in a call center that what just what is taking place over a month, and then over time learning it.

So when someone rings in with a complaint, it will automatically open this window, it will automatically make some of those calculations, it will automatically pre fill some of the forms, and so on, So this is where we are nowadays.

what we’re seeing this and lots of processes around employee onboarding, for example, again, if you think about some of the HR processes, you give people, their same bits of information, the same documents to fill out and so on.

And a lot of this can be automated, I see this now with many of clients that automate not only employee onboarding, but supplier onboarding, and validating suppliers and so on. So think about all your structured processes, we tend to tend to do similar things time and time.

Again, some of the administrative white collar manager tasks that we know do that are repetitive. All of these can be automated using Robotic process automation, and increasingly without even programming just by simply having an artificial intelligence infused RPA tool, watching what you do.

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