What richest person think about Artificial intelligence?

Neil deGrasse Tyson- American astrophysicist

What’s interesting to me is we will use Artificial intelligence, as we have to specifically target tasks that we need or want done in place of ourselves. That’s how Artificial intelligence will ultimately fall.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos- CEO of Amazon

It is a RenArtificial intelligencessance, it is a golden age, we are now solving problems with machine learning and artificial intelligence that we’re, you know, kind of in the realm of science fiction for the last several decades,

Sundar Pichai- Ceo of google

Sundar PichArtificial intelligence- Ceo of google

Artificial intelligence is probably the most important thing humanity’s ever worked on, I think of it as something more profound than electricity or fire. And anytime you work with technology, you need to learn to harness the benefits. And while minimizing the downside

Tim cook- Ceo of apple

is we’re focusing on autonomous systems. And clearly one purpose of autonomous systems is self driving cars, there are others. And we sort of see it as the mother of all Artificial intelligence projects.

Bill gates- Founder of Microsoft

Bill gates- Founder of Microsoft

There’s a class of things like game plane, or speech recognition or image recognition, that the performance levels are phenomenal. You know, if you compare human speech recognition, computer speech recognition, the computer is slightly better. And that’s, you know, mind blowing.

CertArtificial intelligencenly, we use Artificial intelligence to do drug discovery on these biological systems are very complicated. And so the fact that we have vaccines for TB and HIV coming, that’s partly enabled by this rich data advanced in biology and machine learning.

Satya Nadella- Ceo Of Microsoft

 I look at seeing Artificial intelligence, which is an application we just launched for anybody with visual impArtificial intelligencerment, they can go download this app that uses the latest cutting edge computer vision technology in our cloud to give anyone the ability to see and in fact, Angela Mills was a colleague of mine was just telling me about how it’s changed her life inside of Microsoft,

she can go into our cafeteria order food, using this app with confidence, walk into conference rooms with confidence, because she knows she’s walking into the right conference room, or what we’ve done with our OneNote and word learning tools.

Anyone who has dyslexia, can now use Artificial intelligence to be able to read better, the latest release of Windows 10 has this capability called eye gaze, which is something that we learned working with Steve Gleason and the ALS patients saying,

if you all you have is the eye muscle and the gaze, can we help you type?

Will Artificial intelligence affect Job market

Bill gates- Founder of Microsoft

Yeah, you have to be careful. When there’s advances in a sense, we’re all better off if the machines can make all the food and the clothes, and none of us have to work.

You think, okay, now we have all the freedom if we want to stand behind the counter and, you know, make sandwiches, okay, you can if you want, but there’s this other way to make those goods and services,

But it will be very disruptive, Because, you know, say your mid career in manufacturing or driving, then it’s a disruption. Now, we’ve had that in a slow way. For hundreds of years. You know, we used to all be farmers now, very few of us are farmers.

Sundar Pichai- Ceo of google

it’s right to be concerned. Absolutely. You have to worry about it, otherwise, you’re not going to solve it. Right. And it’s important to understand tomorrow, whether Google is there or not, you know, artificial intelligence is going to progress.

You know, technology has this nature, it’s it’s going to evolve. I think pulling back history shows pulling back countries which pull back, don’t do well, with the change. We know that 20-30 years ago, you educated yourself, and that carried you through for the rest of your life.

That is not going to be true for the generation which is being born. They have to learn continuously over their lives. We know that. So we have to transform how we do education.

Gary Vaynerchuk- American-Belarusian entrepreneur

Look, I think I mean, you nArtificial intelligenceled it, anything that’s repetitive and done, you know, on the back of, you know, technology or you know, is going to be fundamentally vulnerable.

Satya Nadella- Ceo Of Microsoft

So I think technology and in particular Artificial intelligence getting back bring more empowerment, more inclusiveness, and at the same time, we should be clear eyed about displacement, clear eyed about unintended consequences like any other technology, and work both skilling so that,

You know people can find the jobs of the future, create new jobs. And lastly, I think have a set of policy decisions that really help people as they go through this change.

Will Artificial intelligence Be Threat For Human kind?

Sundar PichArtificial intelligence- Ceo of google

The risks are important. And I think the way we solve it is, we think ahead, we worry about it. We do things like from from be upfront, you know, have ethical charters, think about Artificial intelligence safety from day one,

be very transparent and open in how we perceive progress there and figure out global frameworks by which we can engage just like Paris agreement on climate change. You know, using forums like this, I think we bring people together, engage on the heart questions, and I think answers will emerge.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk- CEO of SpaceX

You know, I have exposure to the very, most cutting edge Artificial intelligence. And I think people should be really concerned about it. I keep sounding the alarm bell, but, you know, until people see, like, robots going down the street killing people, like they don’t know how to react,

you know, because it seems so ethereal. And I think we should be really concerned about Artificial intelligence. And I think we should, this Artificial intelligence is a rare case where I think we need to be proactive in regulation instead of reactive.  Because I think by the time we’re reactive in Artificial intelligence, regulation, it’s too late.

Andrew Yang- American entrepreneur

Right now we have machine learning algorithms that can solve an incredibly complex problem beyond any human intelligence, but they’re essentially complete idiots and like two year olds, and anything that’s not that problem. They’re dumb. Then like that, you can give them this enormous data set. And they come up with brilliant correlations and insights, but they’re not going to plug into Skynet, and, you know, like, like, like, like, threaten us anytime soon.

Jack Ma- Chinese business magnate

So I’m quite optimistic. And I don’t think artificial intelligence is a threat. I don’t think it fish intelligence is something terrible, but human beings are smart enough to learn that

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