Top 10 Java Projects For Beginners in 2021

Hello and welcome everyone to get another tech enthusiastic Article. The ultimate goal of engineering has always been not just to learn, but in fact, to build something extraordinary that seemed impossible.

Your personal project is the one thing that makes your resume stand out and your skills sharper than the rest. Today, we will be going through some of the project ideas related to Java programming language.

So without further ado, we shall quickly begin with our single point agenda for today’s discussion. That is the top 10 Java project ideas.

1. Online courier system.

Online courier Service project deal with the career management system. The system will be used for day to day activities like buy written booking, delivery and non delivery and self pickup etc.

It is not easy to build this particular project all alone, as the technicality of the project is a little complex. For a single programmer, I would suggest you that you get a team with you and also look out for some automation in the process by developing the relevant software.

Robotic Process Automation is the new normal in today’s life. The web enabled interface allows the user to log in from anywhere in the world and track their career and also view the customer rating.

The system is designed to integrate with financial accounting to eliminate duplication of data entry, and it’s also scalable to grow along with your company. The system needs to be built with user friendly screens, religion, functionality and features and finally the major part it should maintain a high level of data integrity.

So with that abstract discussed now let’s look into the features offered by this particular online career service. As discussed in the abstract, this particular project should be providing the features of order and dispatch of the product information regarding the customer.

Delivery executed and followed by the delivery executive, we should be also having a payment window which manages the accounts and build reports.

  • software requirements

So the software used in this particular project is the programming language status Java database is the Microsoft Access and some convenient RPA tools. And finally, the ID. The IDE for this can be anyone which has a good support for Java. The most preferable one would be the

  • eclipse
  • IntelliJ
  • NetBeans

Now, creating this kind of a project will give you a valuable experience based on building a fully fledged e commerce website or an application. I mean, this is how the world’s leading applications like Amazon, Flipkart, and moto etc, are basically planned and have reached great heights today.

This kind of project on your resume could make a huge difference. And who knows, tomorrow, you might even get into one of those companies and start working on their projects or With a company of your own.

2. online voting system.

Now thinking apart from getting a job or starting a new company of your own, this is something that we all need today. the internet has brought all the keys to our living room.

It has replaced physical banking to internet banking, ordering food online, buying movie tickets, buying clothes and household items to consult your doctor for minor issues, well payments and minimum yet, for quite a long time going to polling booth and standing in a long queue.

To cast a vote has been persistent and it has been challenging for the government to motivate common people to participate in the election system and cast their vote, just because there is no other way to do such thing as such an online voting system,

but all the credit can be achieved by software engineers who can make it possible soon for everyone. to cast their vote to their respective candidate as their own choice with an unmatchable ease.

This can be done just by clicking on their fingers. This is an advanced Java project developed to show online voting functionality followed by the abstract, we will get into the technicality of this particular project.

  • admin phase

So the first phase of this particular project has the admin phase, where the admin has the right to manage the candidates manage the voters and their profiles and passwords. And finally, election results.

  • voter or the user

 we have the voter or the user of this particular application, the voter or the user gets to register himself or herself into the application followed by that he can use the login and logout options.

And next we have the profile and password management’s so followed by that we have the option to choose the positions to vote, and finally, to cast the vote.

Now this particular project is an advanced level Java project developed to show online voting function It showcases the use of Java servlets, HTML and CSS. Again, coming into the ID.

The ID for this can be anyone who has good support for Java. The most preferable one would be Eclipse and IntelliJ followed by the online voting system.

3. online Healthcare Management

We will now continue with the online Healthcare Management members the corporate Medicare management. This e health care management system is a web based project developed in Java.

The main aim of this particular project is to provide effective management of data related to staff and patients in hospitals or clinics. The features offered by this particular project should be as follows, it should optimize but occupation.

The project should improve the use of operation theatres, avoiding the cancellation of operations to know how much emergencies affect the administration of the hospital departments or services which include cancellation of operations to optimize the allocation of human and material resources, To watch and shifts to detect the influence of certain diseases in the hospital surfaces and finally, to find clusters of patients.

The software requirement for this particular project are as follows. Winning the DSTml for the front end, and Java as the programming language and data mining tool, which is waker and Oracle for the database, JavaScript for the scripting language and finally Tomcat as our server.

The E Healthcare Management System is a web based application that assists the management of staff, doctors and patients in an easy, comfortable and effective way. Here, the concept of data mining plays a vital role to develop an effective Healthcare Management System.

The proposed application aims to create a friendly working environment for any healthcare centers. To overcome the drawbacks in the existing system of health care management.

This system is very reliable and flexible. From all aspects, so new features and modules can be easily integrated into the system in the future

4. online banking

online banking, not interesting and arousing for a normal person. But for a hardcore programmer, it is as exciting as a rollercoaster ride in an amusement park. Because this is how the major national and multinational banks implement their banking facilities in a wide range so that the customers could experience the ease of banking at their fingertips.

One such type of project on your resume could bring major highlight to the recruiter, especially if the recruiter is from a banking or financial based company. online banking system project is a model internet banking site. This project should enable the customers to perform basic bank transactions by sitting at a corner of their home or office through a phone or laptop.

The customers can access bank’s website for viewing their account details and perform the transactions on account. As per the requirement, bank employees can log in and add customer and account information to perform transactions with internet banking.

With internet banking, the brick and mortar structure of the traditional bank gets converted into a click and portal mode, thereby giving the concept of virtual banking a real shape. Today, spanking is no longer confined to branches, ie banking facilities banking transactions by customers around the clock globally.

The features you can offer through this particular project are homepage for online banking site, creation of new accounts, login and logout. Manage profiles and passwords, view the balance of the account, deposit the amount into the selected account, withdraw amount from the selected account, transfer the amount from one account to another, close the account.

5. online examination project

we have the online examination project. online exams are normal for us nowadays. But this is totally limited to high end exams like CET, gr, E, cat, etc. The requirements for this particular project is increasing day by day.

Because of the current scenarios. Many schools and colleges have not turned towards the online education system and are looking forward to hosting online exams for student . Online examination is a simple project developed to provide an online platform for faculty and students to conduct online examinations and evaluations.

This particular project has two parts.

First is the admin part. admin has the right to add students create one time logon, adding questions, receive answers and finally to evaluate followed by the first part we have the second part which belongs to the students so the students can log in update their profile and password.

Select answers for the MC Use right answers to questions and finally, closing the session and logout on this particular project can be made a grand success by making use of simple Java servlets and Java programming languages and server like Apache Tomcat,

6. Smart City

Smart City Java project can be a web based software developed to store the details of a particular city. The main purpose of the project is to help tourists and other visitors to a city by providing information about hotels, transportation facilities, air ticket booking shopping details, city news, etc.

The Smart City Java project serves the visitors as a guide to the city and hence the project is called as city guide project in Java. Using this project the details of the city can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

The implementation of the city project promotes tourism and business effectively. Hotels can be searched more easily from anywhere. With the help of this online software students can look out for ngadimin institutes located in this City you can view the complete map of the city using this project.

7. bug tracking system

we have the bug tracking system. The bug tracking system is a web based application developed by Java programming language for software companies. The main aim of this project is to manage errors or bugs that occurred during the software development phase and cycle.

After the implementation of this project, the employees can update the issue details, solve the issues and update the system for any location with internet access.

The software is applicable in managing the box that During the development of software and tracking the older issues, it facilitates searching the facility to bug history and solution.

The system is fully secured, an authentication method is adopted. To manage security. It stores the old bug reports so that they can easily be solved when they reappear.

The application helps the project manager in evaluating the works of the employees. And finally, the proposed software is capable of auto update when the latest version is available.

software requirements

So the software requirements for this particular project our programming language, which is Java, web based applications, such as JDBC, jndi, servlets, JSP, and Oracle database or Access database as the database followed by that the server deployment is Red Hat j bas, S, etc. and the client side scripting as the JavaScript and the ID for this particular project would be Eclipse with all  Eclipse plugins.

8. Facial recognition

we can move ahead into the next project which is the facial recognition. The Face Recognition with open CV is an open source computer vision library that has tons of modules like object detection, face detection and augmented reality.

The major features that this particular project offers are manage to

  • user faces
  • facilitate face identification,
  • easy login and logout
  • stop face IDs
  • identify suspects with just images
  • enhanced way to find cyber criminals.

software requirements for this project

 The software requirements to build this particular project. So the programming language we need for this particular project is Java. And followed by the programming language we need the Apache and framework MINGW-w64. And finally the cmake framework.

9. vehicle recognition

we have the next project which is the vehicle recognition So Java eight NPR is a number plate recognition software which implements algorithmic and mathematical principles from artificial intelligence, machine vision and neural networks.

So, the features offered by this particular project are high level language for numerical computation, interactive environment for iterative exploration, mathematical functions, built in graphics functions for integrating MATLAB and many more.So, this particular project can be fulfilled by using open CV and the Java programming language along with some natural language processing algorithms.

10. speech recognition system

 we have a last project which is the speech recognition system. So speech recognizer converts audio to text. Java x dot speech dot recognition package defines the recognizer interface to build speech recognition plus a set of supporting classes and interfaces.

So the features or stages in this particular project are to create a speech recognizer allocate resources. Load and enable grammar attach result listener commit changes and finally, provide the process results.

So, this particular library is readily available in Java and you can code this project using the Java programming language andan IDE such as Eclipse.

So, with this we have come to an end of this particular topic that is the top 10 Java project ideas.

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